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Monthly Archives: April 2007

You know what absolutely frikkin ticks me off  is when people steal my pics from wherever they can get them and post them in a myspace page and pretend thats them… I mean are you serious??? They can’t be me lol…..I also hate when people do it to other people its just ridiculous…I have had my pictures stolen and used for some pretty fucked up shit! anywho what I am trying to say to you you suckers is that b4 you start shelling cash out to some girl on the net make sure shes real hahahaha a few of my customers have been getting scammed left and right and personally I think its a little funny…thats what your dumb bitch ass gets! Im waiting for someone to steal my pics and really cause some issues so I can file a law suit and get paid $$$! Anyway this morning I woke up to a piggy giving up on this fetish lol but of course I drained and teased this sad pathetic fucker one last  him one last time….thanks stupid ass! I also have been getting alot of shit off my wishlist and its greeaaaat! I havent even really been taking calls except for from my shoe bitch,  I turn the cam on my pretty feet and he just starts giving away the money and buying me stuff. What a fucking life! All this attention and my first and very loyal slave has gotten a little jealous so I got a few things from his cheap ass and a pretty nice tribute today! I actually have been doing pretty well I must say…I wont be around the computer much the next couple of days after tonite… easter is coming up and that means lots of family get togethers ….o yay (sarcasim)! you can still send me stuff on my amazon and maybe catch me on Yahoo I am going to try to take my laptop with me…so get to work bitches!!!
Call me tonite on NF later tonite

  and shop for me at amazon!! my wish list xoxoxoxo