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Monthly Archives: July 2007

SOoOo my account on Niteflirts is temporarily down. Hopefully it will be up and going again maybe by thursday…Who knows they suck right now thats all I know! danish loser sent me his password to his NF’s today to freely raid his account and take control but because of gay ass NF’s I cant….I really want to get my own shopping cart script  on my site where you boys can pay tribute to me directly and nobody gets any part of my money 😦 I think I am going to work on that now!

I collared my slut in training last night after a week. He is so fun to play with and has all the qualities I wish to find in any good sub. If he keeps on spoiling Goddess and showing nothing but respect this relationship will work out great! Time to come up with a clever name for my new pet…

I have been having so much fun with all my new toys and gifts I have been getting they just keep getting better and better!! Yesterday I received a Pink electric Violin from my Turkey Boy! Yes, my piggy bank is still lurking around ….Its so cute I love it! This just may be the greatest gift! Pictures will be posted on my website tonite of all my new gifts from last night and today so if you dont have a membership bitches….get your fucking loser ass up and get one! My  yahoo group is becoming more and more useless as i am moving everything to my site which members only. There is lots and lots of perfect  material for you  dipshits and wankers to drool over!!

I have got a few emails the last couple of days from subs who feel they are inadequate to serve me….your right you are ALL inadequate losers but you’ll be good for handing over your stupid wallets like a whining wimpy idiots!
Speaking of inadequate haha Piss Pig is back from his vacation and came bearing gifts for his Princess! Way to step up nerd boy! I guess he was getting jealous from all the purchased items I have got from other boys while he was gone….

Saturday is the day of the  HIN Seattle  where I will be featured in Montage Mens magazine! Let me just tell you boys …my outfit  is outrageous. Kinda Moulin Rouge meets Ring Leader!! Steel Boned Waist Cincher…Red Pasties….Fishnets…big black boots! too bad for the ones who cant make it. I guess  you will just have to watch the video when we post it 😉

that is all for now!
Goddess Tierra

ps. I have added some personal items to my wishlist for you boys to buy me….because I can! Why spend mine when I can spend yours??? They are also cheap! No reason they should sit on my list for very long…

A picture of my perfect 41 inch ass in latex! Kiss it bitch! $$$

I have been super busy cleaning and moving things around I got so many presents last week this place was starting to pile up! I got  this amazing gift Thursday

and have been sleeping like a baby! It feels like you are seriously sleeping in a cloud I LOVE IT! now get me the rest of the set so I can sleep like a Goddess should! You boys know the link but in case your stupid ass forgot here it is

Dont make me wait for this. I want it off my wishlist in the next week!!

I also got my new telescope. Its freaking amazing! and my stripper pole  came,which i had to spend my own money to get a ceiling adapter for because I have vaulted ceilings 😦 not good! I shouldnt have to spend my ownmoney ever! thats what you pigs are for! $69 of my own money which pet of mine will be paying me back!

I got a bunch of other cool gifts of which pictures will be posted in my members section on my website toady later for the lucky bastards who have access!

I have been having fun with my new subby who has been sending me lovely amazon GCs! Keep them coming boy! Keep me happy, i think its time for you to send a cash tribute *wink* wink*
I also got a message from stupid loser Jew Fag, I cannot stand even the thought of talking to him sometimes he is truly the definition of a loser fag! He was getting Jealous because I went on a date yesterday morning with the money one of you worms paid for! Kudos to the Danish Pig for that hahaha even though I ended up not paying of course!

I am going to finish putting this crap away in my house. I also got me new desk this week from bitch boy and it is taking up space sitting in pieces haha

see ya!
Goddess TIerra

tonite I will be away maybe for a photoshoot. Doing a couple vinyl sets to tease the new subby with 😉
I may not go because my photographer may have double booked what a douche bag!

And you will be ignored slaughtered and ruined! Do not mistake my kindness for weakness! A quick reminder to you dumb ass fucks that think you can get away with trying to top me! It will never happen slut. I do what the fuck I want your just here to watch!

So today I spent putting up walls in my new soon to be home….Yes Princess was working I am not afraid to get a little dirty let me tell ya 😉 I was excited today because when I went to the post office these pretty things were waiting for me

They are so cute and PINK!!! I have never had pink roses before needless to say they made me smile thank you bitch boy! I got to tease me new subby with a little cam peak to get him ready for tomorrows cam2cam. I love finding subs who are fun to talk with and aren’t afraid to be themselves around me! Thats always a plus

I also woke up to 100 bucks from the danish fag haha! Good Job wimp! keep sending and spending because its the only way your going to get my attention. I dont have much else to say I got some other nice gifts today that are posted in my members section on my site

thats all!
Goddess Tierra

Me on the cover of Montage Mens Mag! If your in the seattle area August 4th come see me at Hot Import Nights at quest Field and pick up a copy!

I want more and you losers are getting less hahaha well the lurking too scared to talk to me losers are. I have really been getting my site together and moved the gift gallery from its temporarily spot on my yahoo group to my website so now nobody can view my gifts but those that know how to pay up and are members! I like this idea 😉 I also deleted a bunch of you boys who were just sitting and watching…dont get left behind….PAY ME NOW!

I have been getting alot of you wimps on your knees at your first words to me and I like it. Waiting for Danish Loser to send me my money for my girls night and  I have also scheduled a play date with new pet for thursday which is his pay day WOOHOO! I missed my play date with my new sub under consideration but we will make up for that tomorrow…won’t we?

I have missed my pissy loser piss pig who is out making me money right now. He better come back with lots of cash for me. This little bitch is already in some debt.
I had a nice little talk with my personal bitch boy as always…and i am still waiting for my new TV 🙂 I am so damn greedy!

Here is only 1 pic for you bitches of my favorite gift I received today

yes in pink just for me!! I got a new Nikon camera yesterday and have been having a little fun using it. I dont think I will ever use that crappy little piece of shit camera from before. I deserve better…dont you agree?

I also got my new credit card today so expect to see new auctions posted on ebanned tomorrow!

Goddess Tierra

I have been spending more time working on my website…so you lurking little bastard who dont  pay up will have to step up and get a membership soon if you wish to be part of my lavish lifestyle. I thought I would share with you scum bags a little bit of financial domination at its finest

Yes, that is 3,000 all for me 🙂 from my little personal pet! What a good little cock sucker he has been taking his financial beating  1 $100 bill at a time… of course this isnt all of my tribute check out the purchased list in my amazon mmmmm$$$ I am at 400+ purchased items!

I am letting a loser go today Foot Boy Joey is eternally dismissed. I gave him a little time to get situated with his divorce and all because we all know those types of situations are hard but, now I am just sick of waiting for this sorry dickless idiot!  The cheap old nasty perv will have to get his Princess fix elsewhere. Plus I have noticed he has been chatting with this broke down ghetto hooker (not a joke) I mean why would you go from class to the trash of the street oooooh maybe because its cheaper hahaha guess he couldnt handle my perfection too bad for him…

While I am getting rid of a stupid sub I am gaining a new one who is so fun to play with and appreciates me. We will see if he decides to stick around…

Goddess Tierra

I am not even going to speak to you losers about what Goddess has been up to the last couple of days my wishlist purchased items speak for itself. I am still destroying wallets check out the wishlist twits

Keep Princess happy and keep purchasing scum bags 🙂

Last night I cooked for a friends birthday and it was delicious 🙂 Omaha steaks were provided by my personal bitch boy and they were so yummy 🙂 I love to cook so I had alot of fun almost to much fun I was pretty good and drunk by the time I crawled in bed haha 🙂

I have a new slut in consideration that I have been having some fun with and getting spoiled by….he also has the most hairy legs I have ever seen lol but i guess thats okay we also share the same taste in sexy shoes which is always a plus I got him into a pair last night it was hilarious. I may post pics soon. I havent decided yet.

Today I am hoping to get a video done….maybe….we will see if everything goes as planned. There are also new things on the site so make sure u check often… I am still a little hung over so I am getting off the computer. Make yourself useful and go buy me something you pathetic waste of space!
Goddess Tierra

Cbt with piss pig…

read his loser blog about today’s fun session
more pics in yahoo group!

Hello my little puppets
 I am still working on getting my site together….I justwish I knew how to do everything by my damn self!! then I wouldnt be waiting around for dip shits!! There should be an addition to my losers club and I am hoping to move the gift gallery from my yahoo group to my website. Its way too confusing having a yahoo group a website a blog and a myspace. It gets confusing after awhile.

I have picture updates for my gift gallery actually tons of pics hahaha Princess has been getting spoiled rotten of course. I love all of my gifts lately they have all been so perfect for me I got tons of new bras which is very much needed because my boobs are the size of watermelons now lol see for yourself…

Out with the old and in with the new!!! thats right losers I am selling all of my old worn bras now that I have new ones!!! Now you little dick bastards can own another precious item of mine. Contact me asap before they are gone  if you’d like to own one!

I have also been getting spoiled to death with makeup from my P

rimping bitch! Now I need a new makeup case to hold it all

The first loser to purchase this item from my wish list will get a special little surprise from me. If this item does not get purchased by someone other than my primped bitch than you losers are going to suffer the consequences ha! Now get to work puppets!!! I dont like to be kept waiting!

I also have a new slut in training to become my little sweetcheeks 🙂 its a young little puppy and I can tell we are going to have so much fun turning him  into a little cock sucking sissy!

I forgot to mention that paypal is no longer an option of payment for me 😦 they finally messed up my account and gave me limited access.
I got some pretty interesting news today 🙂
 I am being featured on as their model spotlight for this week…its about damn time after 2 years I finally made it on there haha heres a link just look for the bgirl section

I also landed the spot of 2 cover mags for this month yippy!

All the things are starting to happen right when i want to quit lol o well might as well go out with a bang right??

thats all for now bitches!


Goddess Tierra