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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Yummy vinyl!!

I will still post stupid shit like this public lol

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Dont know really what to make of some people… I think I have been heavily into this fetish since march/april and have accomplished some things that I know from personal stories that have taken some a year or more and i think it is time for a break. There are so many stalkers, liars and haters here and I feel like I am in highschool and I am truly embarrased for one black domme today. One person could make us all look bad 😦   This is my main reason for not speaking to too many dommes. My journal entries here will be set to private friends only for awhile as there are some crazy stalker type psychotic heffers (seriously mental not joking) that like to lurk around and read my entries and see what The Goddess is up to. For you boys who wish to continue to read my entries and are required to read them make sure you have a journal and send me a request. Otherwise get left in the dust.  I also have alot of family things going on and drama is the last thing I need right now.  In my real life i am honestly a private person and I hate having peoples ears eyes and nose in my business and watching my every step writing in a blog is a bit wierd for me right now since i know some crazy people like to watch me, to avoid being freaked out anymore, for awhile it will seem I am flying under the radar but I will still be here If you are one of my true subs of a friend or mine you know where to find me!
Goddess Tierra

PS.I will be in sunny (I hope) california Friday-Sunday!

I spoke to a few boys today in my FREE live chat session that had some questions about dommes. They seriously thought that all dommes were all about whips and leather  and vinyl and cages and blah blah blah and all these cliche things and I got to realizing I am none of these lol. I was speaking to another domme today about how different all the ladies are in this business and how everyone has their own way ideas and views about domination. Me myself I go about things alot different then most ladies and some ladies and I do things the same way. I love playing with female domination seductively and teasing subs and driving them crazy. I have often found that this works with men who claim to not be submissive but like I have ALWAYS said all men are submissive they just need someone to bring it out of them! I guess the things I am more into are being spoiled (duh) being worshipped (duh) tease and denial, orgasm control and humiliation, financial domination and I do enjoy light CBT. and lets not forget about sugar daddies who just like to spoil but I dont get to extreme with these things because thats just not fun for me. Everyone is different and i think people should just realize that. If every domme was the same then what would we have to attract subs?

Another thing I talked about today was how close minded some people who are into BDSM and WOW there are really alot and its amazing considering the many fetishes we get ourselves into and still so many of them frown at nudity 😦   I am at the point where I seriously could give a rats ass what anyone thinks of me but still it is pretty sad. I will not tone my sexy for anyone lol

I guess I just have alot of things on my mind lately these topics are right at the top. hmmmm….anywho I am getting over my cold. I THINK…. Had tons of fun today and made tons of money laying around in sexy lingerie and teasing silly boys on cam! Gotta lov it! I am off and on all day so remember to always check back and schedule and appointment if I am unavailable.

toodles bitches!
Goddess Tierra

My cute sterling silver piggy 🙂

Thursdays shoot was so much fun. I got to see the proofs last night and they look hot! They were all vinyl and I did a Halloween set that is HOT! I dont really have much to say right now as many of you know I have been extremely busy with a few family issues and I have a ton of paper work to do ugh! It will all be worth it though! I also have got myself the flu yippy 😦 I swear I am always frikkin sick.

My video sold like hot cakes this weekend! If you bought it make sure your pathetic ass left feedback. DUH’  after tonite the price will go up so too bad for those of you who didnt get the hot deal after tonite the video will go up to $10.

Today I spent a little bit on cam making a little bit of money 🙂 and having fun. I need to make sure everyone knows that the Live chat link in the Navigation bar at the top of my site links to my fan club page on ifriends. That is NOT a membership to my site it is a membership to tons and tons of webcam shots and videos straight from live cam shows I do on ifriends. You wont see these anywhere else. The memberships to the fan club are actually cool there is tons of stuff you will have access too. A personal number you can reach me at, discounts on cam shows, FREE shows and so much more you’ll just  have to see for yourself and JOIN!

I dont really mention names in my blogs anymore because this is my blog not yours lol but I know my little college bitch is dying to see his name in my journal lol good job on sending tributes this week and paying for my lunches 🙂 hahaha

New pics of SOME of my gifts will be posted tomorrow I if I feel like it 🙂 and some more updates to the site so keep checking back! Now get back to the ass kissing GO VOTE and BUY SOMETHING!

Back to work for me! See ya later my pets!
Goddess Tierra
Of course it has them and I have sold 15 videos of this on my site in less than 22 hours!
Here are the honors SO FAR for 9/22/07
#49 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs
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Im tired goodnight!

Just got back from a fetish/halloween photo shoot with seattle photographer Donald Holman soOOoOo frikkin tired 😦  Worked with an awesome makeup artist!

I have another shoot at 9 am with Fever Mag….it just never ends 😦

Watch out for this idiot this isnt the first time he has messaged me always the same damn story! Also goes by man_maid_4_her. Go jump off the nearest bridge you moron and quit wasting peoples time!
lacey_sub_girl: hey
thegoddesstierra: ???
lacey_sub_girl: it is james from new york
thegoddesstierra: ok??
lacey_sub_girl: we chatted about yOUr vacation a bit
thegoddesstierra: ok…
lacey_sub_girl: i was hoping YOU’d put me to work
thegoddesstierra: you dont seem to be serious because if you were you would have already done something
thegoddesstierra: I dont have time for people who want to waste my time
lacey_sub_girl: i am serious
lacey_sub_girl: i did write YUO a poem
thegoddesstierra: good for  you I am talking about a tribute dipshit
lacey_sub_girl: yes
lacey_sub_girl: Goddesss
lacey_sub_girl: i was hoping YOU’d use me as a worker bee
thegoddesstierra: and what would i need you to do for me huh? please tell me…
lacey_sub_girl: i can write good story’s
thegoddesstierra: dont speak to me until a tribute is sent or I will block your ass I am not in the mood to fuck around
thegoddesstierra: i dont want no damn stories
lacey_sub_girl: i can make a yahoo profile and get sissies over to YOU
thegoddesstierra: ummm thats ok
thegoddesstierra: go away
lacey_sub_girl: i write and record music
lacey_sub_girl: i could set up a niteflirtline and be YOUR personal p[hone bitch
thegoddesstierra: I dont need that either
lacey_sub_girl: the money would go straight to YOU
thegoddesstierra: thats ok
thegoddesstierra: i dont need it
lacey_sub_girl: i am a cute white boi
lacey_sub_girl: YOU could use me for photos and videos
thegoddesstierra: I dont give a shit
thegoddesstierra: god I am blocking you your starting to annoy me and dont message me from your “other” SN either
lacey_sub_girl: yes YOUR Majesty
lacey_sub_girl: i am truly sorry
lacey_sub_girl: i guess everyone knows what a pathetic worm i am and my ID’s
thegoddesstierra: probably a fucking scam artist go fuck with someone else
lacey_sub_girl: NO
lacey_sub_girl: i real and total servant
thegoddesstierra: goodbye!