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Monthly Archives: December 2007

I hate posting pictures of all my gifts it takes forever but one thing I promised myself is next year I will start to post everything lol. I mean its the least I can do since you spent your money on these things for me.  So I took a few pics today of some new and old stuff that I should have posted awhile ago!  Here they are

Here is a start to a series of these! Yes I am talking for the first time to most of you  in this video of me torturing and humiliating you with my big black ass! It is 4:19mins Buy it up for $15 now!

Here is the quick preview I made on my youtube channel! there is no music in the version available since I am talking 🙂

Geez I guess I forgot to mention how great my Christmas was! Probably the most important things this year was to see my family alltogether! Since I have moved away that has been difficult to arrange but I got to see everyone for Christmas. That was great! Christmas for me really started the day after Thanksgiving I went from 664 items purchased to the new total of 816 heehee thats quit a bit of Christmas loving! thanks to all those who spoiled me rotten this month! I received a shit load of webkinz for Christmas from my family as well as a few boys lol I am so addicted to them now! The BEST most inexpensive gift you could ever buy me! One of you is going to be buying every single one of them from my wishlist be prepared! Anyways Christmas was great for those of you who have been asking, now I am busy working on stuff for 2008  keep checking back for new updates! I am still changing a few things on the new site and will be adding gift updates maybe later today! I know some of you are dying to see me in the things you bought me lol

The newest version of my site is now up! We are working out some kinks and then everything should be smooth sailing for atleast another year or until I change my mind again lol! I like it alot this time…again haha! Click Here to visit my site! a couple new photo sets will be added later this week!
The Goddess Tierra

ps.I am pretty much not really going to be available until next week but I am on occasionally and most the times invisible! 

I am leaving for My grandmas in about an hour! I will be back tomorrow night!
Merry Christmas!

First off, I was up at 5am this morning ugh! another skunk made its way under the house and it was awful! I have been up ever since so I am a bit grouchy 😦 I am just dropping to  mention the fact that last night somewhere around 6pm after I was having a pretty crappy day…. a little lost wandering mystery shopper brought my list 800+ items woohoo! YOU LOVE ME! I didnt think  that It would reach that by  Jan 1st. due to slackers! But it did and then my secret admirer sent me a wonderful christmas gift! Now my wishlist total is at 810!! Look what I have coming!!!

I have been jammin on my new site here is a screen shot of the main page! There will be tons of new stuff and alot of interaction right on my site!

A free chat cam will be available from time to time too! If any ladies would like to do a banner exchange please message me in the next few days  if you have time 🙂 would love to exchange with ya! anywho I am going to try to get some sleep!
The Goddess Tierra

ps. Lots of new fun lol expectations for you slaves coming in 2007! Gear up!! 

This has to be fucking stopped I swear this shit is illegal I dont understand how myspace can get away with not doing anything about it! Most of my pictures that are being used on these pages are all copy written all with the photographers watermark and my website address. I have sent myspace the proper salute and still nothing is done! I give all of you permission to harass these ugly ass stank bitches using my pix!

Some of you know already but, I am barely on this week and then the days leading up to christmas doing christmas activities with family. That does not give any of you an excuse to not message me a hello! Thanks boys for all the Christmas gifts! They all came super early lol so I got to celebrate before everyone else did 🙂 My wishlist total is at 772!! I want to make it to 800 by Jan. 1st but the way some of you have been slacking I doubt that will happen. I dont really have a whole lot to say right now. I am also working on the RE launch of my site yes its time to change it YET AGAIN! I like to keep things moving! I plan to put a special auction up in the next few days maybe tonite if I have time. Look for it soon!
The Goddess Tierra

ps. Look what the hell I got TODAYYYYY!

I know I havent been updating my gift gallery page on my site. Ugh it just takes forever to take these damn pics for every item i receive but next year I will work on it …..maybe….