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Monthly Archives: January 2008

I am busy working on website stuff and tonite I have a photoshoot (yay for you!). I may be available on yahoo, I havent decided if I want to yet 🙂

::EDIT:: I just went to go look at comments on my last video and saw this
#92 – Top Favorites (This Week) – People & Blogs -WOOHOOO!

I finally got to save the video! This is the full 3:35 min video to my last youtube video!
Buy it! only 7 bucks!!!

haha I have had this guy who purchased something from me on ebanned “doubt” that I am real lol I even went as far as showing him a cam preview because I am oh so nice and lets not forget I dont fucking do “wank previews” and he responded with this:

 “Ok, thats fine.
 but i gotta say it woulkd be really easy for me to play a short clip of a video when the webcam is turned on”

All signs of my journal…site…email… cam…and everything else most of you have access to point that I am a real person
I have been on the net for a while modeling and stuff and my pics are used everywhere…and there are fake profiles of me all over myspace and stuff, but when  you are clearly speaking to the real deal dont fucking talk shit! If you get your rocks off jerkin it to a 5 second preview on cam dont try to get another one your little chump change is not needed here asshole… End of story! Go suck a dick!

I havent updated in what seems like forever but its really only been like 2 days. I know my boys and girrrl miss me!! I have been busy with my painting and finally finished the bathroom! WOohoO! I was amazed at how many dumb messages I got about how I shouldnt be painting and blah blah blah….where in what book of domme does it say a woman cant paint her own bathroom??? Geez!

I have 2 videos to uploadto my site that will be sure to have you sweating bullets but, apparently my video editor has stopped working 😦 I was just bragging to Princess Angel about how great the program was and now its deciding to fuck up on me ugh! Guess you’ll have to wait until  I can get it to upload, sucks to be you huh? You know what also sucks……its sucks that most of you arent on my friends list and I am posting a private entry with pics today hahaha….want access? ask yourself….what have you done for me lately??? If the answer = nothing then get off your pathetic boring ass and do something! Buy me Things!
Do what the shirt says!!!

Isnt it cute? From pocket puppets draining!

My last youtube video had 2 honors  I forgot to mention
#57 – Top Favorites 1/26/07 – People & Blogs
#29 – Top Favorites 1/27/07 – People & Blogs

this video is one of my favorites and its a damn shame I cant upload the full 4min version yet for you zombies to drool over 😦

I woke up this morning to the $600 elliptical trainer purchased on my wishlist. Pretty cool right? We will see if it gets here lol I have my doubts. It was purchased by the boy we will call thechallenger heehee he has verbally challenged my best boy and I am interested in seeing him try to top the over $48,000 he has already spent on me. speaking of that addicted fuck my little best boy secret shopper, Get er done! You know what I mean, I cant wait to get YOUR money in my greedy little hands haha didnt you enjoy watching me wipe my black ass with your money hahaha.

Heres a note to some of you who may not have heard this before but, If you buzz me on yahoo,  your ass gets blocked! My blocked list gets bigger and bigger everyday. I could care less if you were fucking Gandhi. DONT FUCKING BUZZ ME!
That is all!
The Goddess Tierra

stay tuned for my video when I finally get them up!

ps. Forgot to mention, I wont be taking many pics of gifts and posting them anymore unless Its something outrageous or unless you buy something and then request nicely that I post a pic of it. I get tons of stuff everyday and posting pics of everything is getting out of hand not to mention  my slideshows are hella long on my site now…..its amazing because…its never enough!

Its snowing out ALOT! So I will be outside today I am determined to make a snow man today!

New photoset will be posted on my site in a few minutes


Someone has been asking me alot about how much my best boy contributes  and all that good stuff, because they want to top that….thats a big challenge for someone to take on and I just dont see it happening. I will update more later

Its been a long few days! I have been extremely busy working on little projects around the house. Today I took a 40 year old dresser and made it look brand new! I am pretty proud of myself buy I am incredibly sore 😦 I did log on and off today to check my emails and it seems you boys are going apes over my new stockings and heels video! My wishlist is now at 900+ items purchased!! I am so excited and will be even happier when my fantastic list is at 1,000!!
I have a new little worshiper who purchased me my lambo mountain bike which I am sOOoOOo happy about! When it gets nice out I plan to be out alot riding around on this fancy little thing!
A ton of other things were purchased today and I have no idea who from. I guess I will find out from the receipts. You guys are so good with the spoils 😉
I havent spoke to my moneywife today I am hoping her package arrives soon. I plan to do a photoshoot in the tshirt shes sending. My next shoot is gonna be hot I already have it planned out. I have to top the last one…we will see!

A little message for my secret shopper, dont try to resist me….It will only burn even more hahaha You love me, I know 🙂

The Goddess Tierra

ps. pocket puppets stockings and heels video will be available for purchase tonite or tomorrow. Look for it!

Worship it!

I am just signing on real quick to say I do see alot has been done on my wishlist in the last 12 hours and when I finish painting today I will acknowledge those of you and have a bigger update 🙂

I think I did something to my hand working today 😦 but I still managed to get this video done! After pocket puppets draining last week I decided to throw the little puppy a bone and made a video of me getting dressed in some of the things he bought me! The full video is over 4 mins long and for some odd reason I am having problems emailing it to him 😦

I am painting today so everything is still out on the porch….someone we wont name any names switched my camera settings so everything looks blue 😦

I still havent unpacked the big stuff 1 is my precision rower and 1 is another dresser both need to be put together but I wont be doing this until after I finish painting. I will be online tonite doing a video for someone LUCKY!! I am upset my wireless router didnt show up in the mail today I told you to pick fast shipping!! 😦