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Monthly Archives: February 2008

I cleaned my friends list off and alot of you were removed and need to start ALL OVER! If you haven’t purchased anything or sent any tributes within the last few weeks you were removed and can be added by stepping your game up! Quit simple! Private friends only entries include hot pics and videos that you wont see anywhere else! I added 2 new videos to my clips store and I am leaving tomorrow and wont be back until Sunday night I might update before I leave..maybe.. try and impress me while I am away…do it!

Dear Mr. Tin Tin your time is almost up its 10min from Friday in the US meaning you have 24 hours to contact me with $$$ before I expose just what a panty wearing dick sucking little slut you are 🙂 Im waiiiiting! Lets get this thing rolling!

The cam show went surprisingly well despite the short notice I had fun, but now I am tired lol We plan to do it again next Thursday though I dont know if I will use I might just do it through yahoo and make you all prepay 🙂

**I should have put this up last night….I have wanted to do something like this for so long and I am doing it tonite! LIVE from my bedroom, watch me in action during a professional photoshoot! Dont miss a second. Secure your spot now! GO HERE!
prices are cheaper than my normal cam rates since this is my first time doing this!

This is indeed a throwback from my 3rd photoshoot I was a Diva then too! ahaha I cant believe people hold on to these things

Well, I thought I would be better today but once again i got very little sleep last night 😦 Everyday I dont get sleep it seems I am getting sicker, this sucks!
I am very excited because my current panty auction is now up to 11 bids and $79 you boys are fighting for the chance to own a piece of my perfection! I love it! I never posted in my blog what they looked like but here is a pic

these little sexy things can be ALLLL yours by bidding HERE!

Yesterday i got a review about my “Control” series from my lab rat hehe he is my personal experiment and I love mind fucking this addicted boy, he is a little confused right now as you can tell from his email he has always been the type to only become submissive when I tease him but lately even when I am not around the teasing sticks in his head,

The first thing is to say that I have always seen you as a sexy young girl who has a look I just find irresistable, I would always have to look wherever I was. However these 2 ‘Control’ videos have given me a whole new look on you.
When I watch them, it is as though a switch is turned on somewhere, and my state of mind is just altered. It is the way my body responds and feels just to the sight of you and what you are saying. As though you really know me better than I do and certainly have more control over me and my cock. It is my cock that gets me in this trouble, it really seems to have a mind of its own and it isn’t listening to me, but rather Goddess Tierra.
I started out just getting really horny and wanting to cum, but it is then as the denial starts to happen that I just lose it and start having all sorts of extreme fantasies and have started to want to please you. I know whats coming before I watch the vids and yet I still watch.
The more I watch the more I think I could really impress you. However I fight it , I have a young family and wife and it seems so wrong. I never thought I would get this sort of submissive, thought it was just fantasy, yet here I am actually wanting to impress you and have spent almost $500 in a week.
Goddess you say that some guys just want to please you all the time, well I don’t get that. For me it is only while I am in that teased, denied and aroused frame of mind that I get these urges. I dont have any great need to tribute or buy from your wishlist now and feel guilty for spending so much over the last 7 days. I just know that next time I get a little horny and decide to watch one of those videos, like a little hypnotic pet i am going to have my mind altered for your pleasure again. I dont know how to get out of this mess either.


The more time he spends wrapped up in my little fantasy game the more this shit become a reality for him and he is just simply confused…just the way I like them…confused….addicted…and fucked! You love it!

My next “Control” video is coming soon so get those wallets ready for another mind blowing tease! This one will be a little different I know just how to work your mind…scary isnt it?

I currently have 2 blackmail boys ahaha and it is fun as hell I have been slowing getting the info I need to make some people really upset so, it prompted me to make my next video “Blackmail Games with The Goddess” you would simply be surprised at how much info I have collected from you boys and, I wrote a letter to your wife telling her why you guys are broke all the time and why you cant get it up anymore when you guys have sex hahaha everyone knows you jerk off too much to my pics and videos but the torment dosent stop. I KNOW WHERE YOU WORK! I wrote a letter to your boss telling them what a pansy ass they hired haha this was a fun video thats gonna have some of you scared. I bet you didnt know I could get this sadistic and downright dirty! Buy the Video!

I am wearing a sexy Guess dress from pocket puppet! He has such excellent taste when it comes to choosing things that look perfect on me!

I also made another video which I am going to go ahead and upload a little later today just in case I am to sick to do so tomorrow ugh!
I sold a pair of panties to a fan boy last night and this is my farewell video haha really just another little tease for you panty sniffers out there i think I might start doing “farewell videos” alot when I get rid of sexy items just to make them even specialer haha

This June I am takinga trip to the beautiful San Juan Islands! i cant wait and that means lots of pics and videos for you so that could only mean 1 thing…YOUR PAYING FOR IT duh’ did you even have to ask??? i will be setting up tribute buttons specifically for that and also adding sexy items to do photoshoots and videos in on the beach I WANT THEM BOUGHT 🙂 I am sure I wont have to even mention it much….I am very well taken care of!

hmm I think thats all for now I am going to go mail off some stuff and then try to get better!

pvt. Entry with pics coming up!

almost forgot a new photoset was added last night as well but I am not sharing a free pic with you losers so I guess you will have to buy it! Those of you good boys on my friends list there is a pic posted in the pvt. entry!

thegoddesstierra: i am posting an entry with pics go check my blog
blackmailboy: ok, where is it Goddess?
thegoddesstierra: this is your bible you should always know where it is!
blackmailboy: YOu are right, and You are my savior Goddess

I do have more to update but I am so damn tired, I am on my site right now in chat for about an hour, get in there!
I changed my mind I am fucking tired and really not in the mood for someone elses bullshit I am going to bed early I have a really good update for tomorrow a letter from my lab rat haha and someone actually followed through with the assignment at the end of control pt.2 I also have a blackmail video I need to upload into my clips store but I am realllly not in the mood for that! Look for it tomorrow :p
Night Night!


2 new Auctions and not only did up upload “control pt 2″today on my clips page  but I decided to upload my sissy video!! I am sure you know how to find that page!
 hahaha woohooo!
 CLICK HERE for the sissy auction! A video is inside this one!
CLICK HERE for panty auction!

I also have a stripper shoe auction coming up! Yes a pair of reallll stripper heels! Stay tuned!

The preview to Control pt. 2 went up on Youtube on Friday but didnt upload into my store until about 30mins ago, I did this on purpose just to fuck with your little pea brain mind even more. I know many of you from messages and emails have been waiting so patiently at your computers refreshing my page to see if it was up, I noticed many of you buying and buying up all of my other clips just to tie you over until the moment I uploaded pt.2. I knew that this was going to happen it was the reason I did this. You know how much control I have over you….the power I posses over that thing in your pants….your brain….your wallet…I have you right in the palm of my pretty little hands….its kind of like you are some controlled robot, you get turned on when I tell you to and I turn you off when I want to…its just the way things work…isnt that right? haha I know…. and so let me present to you one of my finest videos……(drum roll) “Control pt.2” Buy it up little puppets I know you cant wait until pt. 3!!! Your getting excited just thinking about it

The Preview Video

OMG! I almost just caught the house on fire, I went to the post office today to pick up my gifts and came home and burned the boxes as usual. Things were going as planned until I looked outside and the flames had made their way into the grass! I was so scared for a few minutes but I got in there and put it out I had to hold my breath and it was so hot that some of my hair did singe ugh! so scary! Now I smell horrible of smoke but luckily I got some more lush stuff in the mail, YAY for me that means a long shower awaits me after I finish this blog lol

I did my first feminization video today for my little sissy boys and put together an auction to go along with it

You are dying to know what is in this “naughty girl” bag lol Tonight or tomorrow the auction will go up along with a panty auction, I realized I havent done one of those in FOREVER so that will go up in the next few days as well!

I am working on getting my youtube page up  and running I see someone has already flagged the 2 videos that I have up along with rating them crappy haha jealous bitches only make things interesting for me haha I love it!
I was going to write more but I am still a little shaken up from the FIRE I may update more later but that it for now!

ps. Those of you messaging me on yahoo if you dont intend to spend $$$ You should probably not even bother messaging me I have no problem ignoring and then blocking you… I am not here to make friends with you dumb fucks Im all about the money baby! Its just the way things work in Tierra’s world, and I can usually smell a loooooser a mile away, dont abuse the fact that I am giving you bitches my screen name for free GET WITH THE PROGRAM BIOTCH!

yes my shirt says Justin Timberlake! My mom went to see him in concert without me I was soooo upset lol she even called me from the concert to rub it in 😦  but was nice enough to bring this back for me 🙂