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Monthly Archives: March 2008

New tops!

Hot Dress!

Alot of the clothing I get I wear in my videos if ya bought me something and I dont take a pic in it DO NOT CRY! CHECK MY CLIPS STORE!

Tomorrow officially kicks off the start of my birthday month! OMG I am going to be 21 thats amazing…look at how many of you I have falling to your knees at the hands of a 20 year old…I am awesome! Super fan has already kicked off my birthday month early by getting me two impressive items off my wishlist my Dolce and Gabanna sunglasses and my ZENO which I have wanted removed from my list 2 months ago! He has been around for a few weeks and is already so dedicated. His computer crashed for a few days and when he finally was able to get on he immediately messaged me apologizing for not being around awwww thats what I like to see 🙂 Grocery boy duties already filled thanks to super fan who is working me into his budget i think this will be a perfect job for him.
Pocket puppet is gearing up for this months credit card overload I had a look into his bank account to see where all my money was going and I was really impressed to find out he was already saving up in his paypal for me yesssss!
My moneywife is working VERY HARD on my new NF’s layout but I am picky…I know and she puts up with it awwww 🙂 I cant wait to see what birthday surprise she has for me I know it will be great!
bitch boy robbie paid off his debt today and surprised me with a little gift.
addicted pimple I got your message but it was a little scattered and I didnt understand but as far as I can read. I am guessing you are going to start picking off my Marciano wishlist…yesss!
Stephen may be the winning loser to be my little cuck toy! We will see.
In other news I have been having a retard contact me for the last few months and its hilarious he will drop like $700 in cam time buy me gifts and then say “…but Im not addicted…Im not obsessed” lol which officially means he is about to complete stage 2 of becoming controlled lol

I see it this way…
There is step 1:
You buy up all of my pics and videos and think your fine then..You find yourself visiting my website EVERYDAY you think you have somewhat of a handle on things until you realize I am online…you send me a message…spenda ridiculous amount of cash to see me on cam over the course of 3 days. You think you are fine now but your heart is becoming a little weak. You disappear for a few days and try to regroup your thoughts.. until you see me online again…most of the time I ignore you so you buy me stuff to get my attention…and get me to notice you willingly you submit to me and then you regret it….
Step 2:
Denial sets in; you check your bank account and realize that this 20 year old girl is draining you of all complete control and sucking your bank account dry and you are giving it up willingly…EVERYTHING….you start trying to resist…you tell yourself just one more time and then all hell breaks loose!
Step 3: Tierra WINS! You are weak and you are vulnerable….you are mine!

pocket puppet I want you to write about what happens in step 3! You know better than anyone…dont you?
I have been really happy with all the stuff thats been going on with my boys and girl! They are all working so damn hard! I found out I had another mystery shopper when I went to the post office Saturday a bunch of shit came in but only 1 package had a name Would the buyer like to step forward to see more pics of me in this sexy top?

I love it! I will be posting a few private pics in some of the stuff I got Saturday!
I downloaded this song and sent the video to pocket puppet to cheer him up! He has to go to the doctor tomorrow… I hate the frikkin doctor and what he is going in for pretty much sucks ass….see I am caring lol then he needs to get his ass home and ready for my bday month woot woot!

anyone who hasnt seen this movie Will Farrell is hilarious!

My monthly newsletter to my NF’s customer list will be sent out tomorrow to fans and slaves, with a never before seen image yeaaa! Look for it!

So I came up with this new thing just to be fair to my loyal pets, that I wouldn’t be taking on any new slaves who CLEARLY didnt meet my standards being “owned” by me isnt something that happens by night. I do have quit a few subs “serving me” but does that mean they are all “owned” no if you are serving me; you should be working towards complete ownership I mean I have been in this long enough to know you cant really “own” anyone over night there is alot of time and dedication on both parts that needs to happen in order to build a quality domme/sub relationship. I have had VERY good luck in finding the boys and girl that I do own and to be honest at the end of the day they are really good friends of mine. They are always there for advice information and cheering me up on bad days, anything i want!- VERY IMPORTANT to me!
A month ago I was messaged by a guy who started off ok and was good to go after a few weeks! yay for him! a month later he is pretty boring and NEVER AROUND. Like you all know I dont appreciate slackers and if I have no communication with you it just aint gonna work. IM ALWAYS ONLINE lol its sad but very true! I put alot of time into what I do and can only ask the same in return. To spare myself of any more boring time wasted on this waste of space I decided to dismiss him until he could figure out if this is really what he wanted as alot of you know I am very understanding and reasonable. I was willing to let this chump go with some dignity lol and I got this the reason I am posting this is because its pretty much the funniest thing I have heard and the VERY FIRST time I have been called fake after almost 2 years at this

thegoddesstierra: hahahaha you just dont get it
scorpiosting113: to impress You?
scorpiosting113: i do get it, i have served a Mistress before.
thegoddesstierra: good for you but I am not your average domme and to me YOU DONT GET IT!
scorpiosting113: i think You’re a fake. Bye.
thegoddesstierra: haha ya ok
scorpiosting113: all about Your money and Your Amazon list
(my amazon wishlist is fabulous btw check it out)
thegoddesstierra: yes thats what I am all about hun!
scorpiosting113: yup it is.
thegoddesstierra: you got it right
thegoddesstierra: lol
thegoddesstierra: how about you go find someone with lower standards
scorpiosting113: i know i have it right.
thegoddesstierra: i am blocking you you are out of line for sure
scorpiosting113: i may be out of line, but at least i am real.
thegoddesstierra: sure
thegoddesstierra: I am so fake
thegoddesstierra: i am the fakest domme on the planet thats why I have lasted in this so long lol
scorpiosting113: you haven’t produced one realDomme video or anything of the sort
thegoddesstierra: your funny cant you leave with some dignity
thegoddesstierra: hahahaha
thegoddesstierra: yea that why my videos sell
scorpiosting113: are any of them of You with a slave?
scorpiosting113: no

awww someones a little upset I think… haha calling me fake… I guess everyone who makes videos without slaves is fake awww LMAO why dont you go find a hooker I am sure you will have better luck my dear!
more update later! ALOT IS COMING!!!

Today is the last day of March which means its the last day this month to take your money through clips4sale before they send me my check! Go buy more videos! I will be uploading 3 more later tonite!

I will be on later today I have a bunch of errands to run and lots to update!

I fucking love it! I got a box of movies and rainbow six today, which I suck badly at! I also got a heart stopping sweetheart top this one came with the name of the person who bought it but I have never spoke to this person. I love secret shoppers! I will post pics of me in my new stuff tomorrow I am relaxing today playing some games and will be ending the night watching my movies. I just found out the ORIGINAL secret shopper no not the slutty one haha dropped in and sent me a early bday present woohoo! he never forgets about me 🙂 Keep on sending those anonymous gifts and YES with amazon giftcards you can be completely anonymous too its perfect! Speaking of gift cards I woke up this morning to one from an admirer awww! I am feeling the love! Super fans sexy mini dress he bought came in yesterday too i need to take pics in that it is amazing. Tuesday I have a few birthday challenges in store for those of you who are up for it…I promise it will be fun! keep yourselves occupied, click the buttons to the left!

ps. If you consider yourself owned by me, I suggest you quit fucking slacking one of you is on thin ice right now I dont own slackers and I dont own time wasters, step your game up or get cut! No, this isnt about money its about dedication, devotion, keeping me satisfied and your being frikkin boring ugh! 

You know what that means! Those 2 videos uploaded FINALLY this morning. I found out that it was my crappy new internet that was making the upload time out. GO BUY THEM! The cuckie loser clip is selling like crazy as i knew it would! 2 serious applicants already tons of bullshitters as always lets see how many more start popping up. Remember retards messaging me telling me you want to be my loser cuck dosen’t mean shit to me. Money talks and its the only way to prove yourself when it comes to showing yourself ready for this position! I have 2 new videos to do tomorrow we will see if I ever get to it lol… I am getting a green dot card FINALLY I dont know why I dont have one I think Tabitha was the first person to tell me about these last year and I think its finally time I got one so you zombies can start sending money that way too yay! The 26th days of Goddess Tierra is starting Tuesday woot woot! My birthday is coming up I will be 21 years old! Can you believe it? I know most people think I am like 24. My birthday is on April 26th! Get ready and start scrounging up that $$$
oh look to the left…… call my recorded listing!

2 new videos are ready to be uploaded but I dont know if its clips4sale or my internet….they are just not uploading 😦 So I guess you will have to wait for them! The first clip is something I have been askedto do many times. Its a cuckold humiliation clip but this one has a twist. How many of you losers have wanted to be my cuckie toy??? Now its time for you to step up and admit it! I am now taking applications. I wont be accepting just anyone so if you really want to become my loser cuckie  you will have to impress me. Make sure you buy the video with all the things you need to know about being my loser little cuck toy hahaha This is going to be so much fun!
The second video is an ass worship video! I haven’t done 1 of those in almost a month! watch my glorious 41 inch booty rip through a pair of fishnet pantyhose while I tease and humiliate you for watching. This video started out as just my ass in fishnets buuuuut my ass really did rip through the pantyhose lol so I decided to rip them some more Buy them both here….whenever they upload that is…

I woke up this morning to more gifts yay! The mystery buyer of the gorgeous bcbg’s came clean last night after seeing my post and turned out to be a sweet fan boy. i think I will call him super fan lol super fan bought me this really hot leather mini dress I cant wait to get and he has also been busy buying up my pictures and my “confusion” recording I heard it left him hyper ventilating at his computer awwww!
Mr.TinTin the sissy boy sent me a $150 amazon gift card completing his debt to me and I purchased my mic with it so now nobody gets a free recording unless its a reward ahaha!
Pocket puppet as ALWAYS continues with his spoils and bought me more goodies …a couple more things were bought today but I have no clue who from??? hmmmm??
I have come to the conclusion that I WANT a grocery slave! This is the chance for one of you boys who has been dying to contribute to my life. You will spend $200 or more if you have it on my grocery’s. You will purchase a Gift Card in the amount  to the store that I pick. The perfect opportunity for someone on a budget…work me into it NOW lol Contact me if you are seriously interested in this position. No slackers! I want someone serious, honest and loyal!
I had two idiots from the past that I had banished and blocked from making contact with me today from different screen names on yahoo as if I wouldnt be able to tell from their crappy 4 year old grammar it was them lol how desperate are you losers??? I told you to stay the fuck away from me especially since I know 1 of you fat bitches is serving another domme. Mangus you fat tard go suck on some donkey nuts and leave me the fuck alone you are to stupid to be even considered one of mine again and no, I dont want anything from you nada go choke on some fucking chips both of you 🙂

Listen then SHOP!

5:39min $15

My Wish List

NEW auction coming up soon!

I got a message asking if I was gone from livejournal damn cant a girl not post for a few days! I haven’t really felt like chatting with all of you inadequate losers! Some of you who are a little smarter than others were privileged with lengthy fun little chats and rewards! Dont you just love those. This week I tested pocket puppet on my first recorded MP3. It was soooo much fun to make even though I used my crappy little mic to make it….yes, its time for an upgrade the first loser to purchase it will receive my first 2 plus 1 custom mp3 recording for FREE! BUY THE MIC HERE I deserve only the best and this little cheapo mic I own now isnt that lol
I made sure this recording will leave all of you fucked up and broke. As always it is very sexy and will turn your pea brain too mush listen to it 5 times and open that burning wallet and give me everything!
5:39min $15

I have been slacking on the video previews and someone who has never spent a dime on anything of mine decided to point that out today. SOOoOo thanks to that retard ALL of my preview videos when I do make them will be friends only! awww tooo bad no free wank- it material for the cheap scared bastards! If you want in then I am sure you have figured that out by now and if not keep reading!

I got an exciting surprise today! Who bought me the gorgeous BCBG’s??? These are sooo sexxy!

Although I love mystery shoppers so much I would like to know who this one is so I can give them access to my pvt entries. I will be posting more pics of me in these shoes private and that may prompt you to buy more lol PS. I do know the city and state the buyer is in so dont any of you fuck ups try lying to me…. They are so  damn hot these paired with one of the many Marciano outfits pocket puppet has purchased for my summer attire are going to look great!
My wishlist officially hit 1000+ Easter evening. When I got home I was at 998 and the next morning I was at 1002 YAY for me! I dont know what was all bought and by whom yet, but I do know some old shit that was added back in December was one of the items!

Adding videos to my clips store has slowed down alot compared to my upload a new video a day enthusiasm I had when I first got on there to be honest I am just reallyrelaxing now I have enough in there I guess I can do that now. I would love to upload everyday but at the moment I dont feel like it I still have been doing 4-5 videos a week so make sure you check often! I plan to work on a few tonite..maybe… I did upload a new one this morning that went along with my last panty auction! The bidding got to $73 not too bad….the video is only 4.99 since I had to cut it down to go with the song I chose to dance too 😦  the original was about 5 mins o well….Buy it here
I think thats all for now…