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Monthly Archives: July 2008

58 new images Group members here is the link

I was pleased to wake up and see this

after not even 24 hours of bidding, not bad! I didnt expect these 2 shoe auctions to go this high I started the bidding off at $5 lol and auction bitch has only bidded once giving you foot lickers a chance to win my precious worn shoes! BID HERE

haha one thing that is fabulous about my life is, ITS CHRISTMAS EVERY SINGLE DAY! I used to never take pics of my gifts because I am lazy and I admit it but, lately I have been getting some fantastic gifts from my boys that i just want to show off! My most favorite today is this

This seriously makes my mouth water, its like a damn candy store! 54 amazing MAC colors! After talking about these for a few days one of my spoilers decided he wanted to pay for my happiness hahahaha ITS MINE MINE MINE! Lately I have had this weird obsession with makeup, not as much as my obsession for shoes but I like playing with this stuff. Another favorite brand I have been messing with is Too Faced. I recently got their Decade Of Beauty Collection and instantly fell in love! Also in Love with Givenchy Phenomen Eyes I am going to need a bigger makeup case thats for damn sure!

My hot leather boots from superfan made it here I think these will be my last gift from him for awhile hahaha I never really knew how serious this boy was about spoiling me rotten until I realized he had a real problem with spending. Anytime he got hard his wallet got hard hahaha but I would rather have him around long term then use him all up. He has no control when it comes to me so restriction restriction for you! hehe I LOVE MY BOOTS and the fact that I didnt even have to tell him to buy them makes them even better!

oooh and we cant forget about my new Frankie B’s

$170 for jeans???? I am fucking worth it! No more cheap jeans for me!

When I went to the post office all of this was waiting for me

Here is a slideshow of the items as well as some extras I have alot of clothes I need to post but most of them I use in my videos, pretty much every video you see what I am wearing was a gift from my amazing wishlist. I AM AWESOME!

 What do I pay for? hmmmmmm…NOTHING!

This is the first of my updates, I woke up with a major headache this morning I think because of the movies 😦 I went and saw step brother that movie was hilarious I was in tears from laughing but, it gave me a major headache

So first, my new video uploaded last night and is already selling like crazy!

Buy it HERE!

I uploaded another image set to my store here:

I think I will be using images4sale quit a bit for my future photo sets. My images are a very large resolution and some contain 50+ images and are too large to upload into zip set to sell through I will still be posting them in here though so, KEEP BUYING THEM! People have been asking me about what I think about images4sale it definitely isn’t as big as clips and most of my traffic to their has been traffic directly from my site. I think if more people used it a lot of us could make money there too! I like it so far!

I haven’t made a video preview in FOREVER simply because I dont feel I need to anymore but, I wanted to show off how well my new cam shoots so I made a quick little one with some of my new clips and 1 of the last ones I made with my old cam. Check it out! My editing skills are a little rusty but I am sure you suckers arent paying attention to that!

superfan is on super big time spending restriction hahaha so his ass has been put to work doing some work for me so I dont have to I LOVE IT! A working pet! I put his ass through terror last night constantly denying him hahaha over and over and over again BECAUSE I CAN! 🙂

My bitch for use purchased my chainsaw the other day it should be here any day now. Some of you know this already because I told you but I am finally getting power in the house I am building which means things should move along alot faster the utility department I am paying isnt going to cut down the trees in order to put in power … I have to hahaha can you imagine it? Me with a frikkin chainsaw haha I am sure its going to be lots of fun!

footbitch is waiting patiently for his CB-2000 to arrive and the teasing will begin!
slutty STD slutted out of course yesterday as I teased him in my hot new jeans he bought mmmm your so fucking easy!

pocket puppet is locked up in his cb for the week but lately I have not seen him much on yahoo I suppose because his ass is working extra hard to keep me satisfied! AS ALWAYS

and niki is back full force and spoiling his Goddess…..yessss I am spoiled rotten as always!

Up next is a huge gift update I cant wait to show you guys what I just got today in the mail!
Plus I have the photos ready for 3 new auctions!!!!
oooh how I love fucking with you! hahahaha


I am always so damn busy! hahaha but I managed to get 2 image sets up yesterday they are here
The file sizes are way to large to  upload into zip files for niteflirts
I am waiting for one video to upload to my store
and all while I am getting ready for my beach shoot tonite hahaha
I opened up some of my gifts today I havent had time to go through them all yet but DAMN DAMN DAMN I think I am about to become a frankie b addict!  I will post pics of my hot new jeans later thanks to Miss Lindsay and Karen (The AG) you boys will be buying lots more of those!

I will update when I get back!

3 new auctions coming soon! I took the pics for them already!

I thought I mentioned I was on a shoot today, seems like everyone must have forgot that. I kept getting messages asking where I was and I feel horrible because usually I am around when one of my boys is having a panic attack or nervous break down and I was surprised to find out that today superfan was having an issue ::sigh:: I hope everything will be alright I always try to be there for my boys…..anyways I just got home I cant wait to show off my new images alot will be posted in my pvt group page and I will post a few here later tonight!
Here is me before I left

I loved my makeup! Pretty damn proud of myself!

I have been ignoring pretty much everyone except a few ladies and some of my favorite boys! I have had the worst frikkin headache today 😦 I woke up to some drama went to work out and since then I just haven’t felt very good. A few things did make my head stop hurting for like 3mins lol First, last night after the cam show I noticed I had hit 1400 purchased items on my wishlist which is excting as hell on my way to 1500 now! I was so excited #2 niki stopped by and raided my wishlist even more! and #3 check out this hot ass leather jacket I got from superfan!

Did I ever tell you how much I hate mirror pics lol and look how messy my closet is! Its amazing a whole 64sq ft walk in closet filled from top to bottom with my clothes and shoes I need a bigger one 😦 Now alot of my clothes are stacked on the couch. I moved 2 big bins of clothing down to my house until I move I seriously had this jacket on as hot as it is right now I love it! Everytime I look at it I will think of how fucking spoiled I am! niki wanted to buy this jacket for me so bad but his ass was too late hehe he’s going to have to be quicker next time!

My head is still killing me I ate like half a box of pizza and laid down and took some medicine and it didnt help 😦 I have a photoshoot tomorrow and I hope I can make it!

One thing I have been dying to do since I locked my first boy in chastity almost 2 years ago is to lock up a married man and it seems this little fantasy I have had is finally going to becoming true. Next week I put pocket puppet to the test! This should be interesting! How long can he last under my control and torture? Your definitely going to read about it right here!

I still havent got any more auctions up ooops! I have been getting emails asking when will I be doing my next one and I promise next week lol you boys are going to have to try extra hard to win these my auction bitch, superfan and flipflopbitch all have accounts and are always at war for my items! auction bitch is going to end up with my entire wardrobe lol

Whos next in line for forced intox  E&I style???

So i really have been sitting here  for like 5 hours waiting for 1 video to upload 😦 just 1 lol there has to be an easier way! All this waiting is worth it though just from the preview you can tell the difference in my videos!  anyways my new video is a new favorite of mine! You chastity boys are going to love!

Goddess is your KEYHOLDER!

This CB-2000 pink, actually belongs to my foot bitch who I have grown to love locking up on occassion! I love locking him up and teasing the hell out of him with my pedicured toes the bitch loves that! This time I made him order a brand new one in pink and had it shipped to my address so I could take the key and dangle it from my pretty little ankles 🙂 I am excited about this! Go buy the video!!

Yes I still have more to upload but, at this rate I will only be uploading 1 a day lol
today for some reason was “Send Goddess a random gift card day” I have $800 of cards all in one day! I am thinking of spending them instead of exchanging them for cash but what should I buy?? hmmmmm……I wandered around staples today looking for the card I needed for my  computer and fell in looove with this

HP iQ506 TouchSmart PC (2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T5850 Processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive, DVD Drive, Vista Premium)


oooh how I want this so bad but, do I really want to use my own money to buy it??? Considering that fact that I want it so bad I might but, wouldn’t it be amazing if one of you drones bought it???? I would so love that right now and its cheaper then the camcorder I wanted!!!

After pocket puppets ride last night I am 29 items from reaching 1400. I want to make it there by Friday, does that seem doable? I THINK SO! GET ON THAT!

oompas visit is days away…jealous?? hehe after his visit I may decide to offer r/t sessions more often something tells me I am going to enjoy them far too much 😉 GET IN LINE BITCHES!

Last night was frikkin hilarious Lindsay

and I tag teamed a slutty little STD haha oooommmy god where do I even begin???? He slutted out on all of our random tax’s and the drunk fuck didnt even realize how much we raped his slutty ass for. Then Ms. Lindsay invited a special guest that the slut decided to beg for. IT WAS PRICELESS! Guess you will have to buy the chat log to find out what  all went down.

This morning for some reason I could NOT get out of bed so I am pissed I missed my workout but I plan to do some ab ball stuff and lift some weights haha I watched my new video you can tell I am getting buff again! woooohooo

damn I forgot to write about alot of stuff! This is edit #3 lol I got an email today about my auctions in fact i have been getting alot of people asking about them and why do they do so well.I have my auction bitch to thank for running the auctions up that high and for some reason other buyers on ebanned like to challenge him so they always end up ending with lots of bids and lots of $$$$ I LOVE IT