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Monthly Archives: September 2008

I love random blogs! I stole this idea fromloveyprincess 
"They always say when you are having a shitty day…or you start feeling a bit icky to say one thing that you LOVE about yourself!!"
Here is mine!

I love my long legs!!! No matter what I do somehow they always manage to stay toned and amazing 🙂

Today is actually bitch faces birthday but, I stole his birthday from him so today is now my birthday too lol. I thought it was going to be a great day of shopping and the normal birthday stuff but really it was one of the worst days ever!
I went to get a new ID card because almost all of the info on my current ID is old as hell from when I was 18 not to mention the birth date they have on there is wrong and was clearly their mistake instead of 4-26-87 they have 4-27-87 THEIR FAULT not mine. I just wanted to get it fixed and change my address. This morning I was in a great mood I got up got dressed cute even though it was ugly out, I even text messaged bitch face to rub in his face all the fun I am going to have on his birthday for him while he sits at home lol I got to the DMV and sat in line for a little over 2 HOURS!!!!! The damn people working there were just kicking it in the back while about 60 people filled the room waiting finally when I get up there and explain what I needed to get done the hag at the counter snatches my ID card from me and calls me a FRAUD while there are tons of people listening. I didn’t know what to say…… I then showed her my birth certificate and explained that clearly this is a mistake from her department…she snatches my birth certificate from me and continues to call me a fraud I cant explain to anyone how pissed off I was and If you know me you know I normally would have ripped her a new one I have a really bad anger problem that I have been working on keeping under control LMAO and I imagine you can go to jail for those types of things. I think she was about to punch a hole in my old ID since its not legally valid because she reached in her desk while holding my card….I snatched it fast and left lol ughhhh Now I am going to have to make the 72 mile trip back to my hometown and go to the DMV out there. LAME LAME LAME!
I am going to try to pretend like all of this did not just happen to me lol
I busted out a pair of boots today that I got from pocket puppet over the summer. Everyone thought I was crazy stocking up on boots and sweaters mid summer but every girl knows those things are marked down almost half off during the summer time!

The picture doesnt make them look very cute but I promise they are! Those are my new rich and skinny jeans and new splendid top. I got a ton of "birthday gifts" today hahaha I am going to start opening them and then I am going back out shopping. I promised bitch face I would take a few shots for him lol

Get to buying me more birthday gifts!!!!!!!!!
My Wish List

richards already began the shopping and superfan has spent about $500 the last few days with VS orders hahahaha

and I just missed another ignore line call hahahaha  my feedback score is going down……OH NO! I have in total missed about 5 calls the last few days on there hahahahaha can you imagine paying to call someones ignore line and being TOTALLY IGNORED!?!!? pathetic little cock out ready to beat off to the sounds of me being amazing and then bam I am not even answering hahahaha

My fall wardrobe has been growing rapidly with all kinds of sexy clothes paid for by my stable of pets. Expensive sweaters, jeans, lots of dresses, jewelry etc. Most of everything I own is black so my accessories must be too! Including my new credit card from bitch face…

Well its not totally black but damn its gorgeous mmmmmmmm How hard does that make you looking at that card in my hands hahaha bitch face is going to be waking up to alot of surprises now. Getting wallet spanked over and over again and this time you wont even be able to watch me drain your bank account live you will just have to wait and see what I do while I am out shopping running up the bill. Like I said, You better start making more money then I can spend hehe I will be saving most of the spending on this card  for October  when I hit the malls and clubs in vegas hehe The first night I will be meeting up with the girls here and we of course want the full VIP treatment. superfan is paying for our table since he is soooo excited hehe he is almost as excited as I am 🙂 he is desperately waiting for me to give him a release after being denied a total of almost 19 days now…..hmmmmm his release depends on my happiness…right now I am pretty happy but, I could be happier lol

I woke up this morning to cash and HOT ASS SHOES from the footbitch! It was such a surprise because I totally wasnt expecting it. I love when you boys just do things without having to be told!
I also woke up this morning with 102 temperature. ICK! I have the weakest immune system of anyone I know I am ALWAYS sick! I felt real crapy last night and shocked everyone when I turned my phone off and was in bed by 10pm lol whatever is wrong with me I hope I shake off by tomorrow!
I still cant post images directly to livejournal…..this sucks!

I am about to upload a ton of  gift pics to my last slide show I added last week I havent made a wishlist chronicles clip in a few days since i have been feeling crappy….oooooo well! lol  I will be spending the rest of the day laying on the couch watching movies 🙂

I was watching Tv and realized that Iron man doesn’t come out till the 30th but, I received a copy from amazon  3 days ago!!!! Whats that all about???

My phone went off at 8am apparently it was someone calling my ignore line lol at 8am?!?!?!?! I hit the snooze button haha I thought it  was my alarm that person REALLY got ignored

Gosh right when you think I am done with the torture I have even more to make you cry!

The first clip is the next 30 days of denial clip! Buy them up!! I am online chatting with Princess Lindsay about all the partying we are gonna do hahaha. Doesnt that piss you guys off we talk all we want to and then charge you by the minute to chat with us LOL!
my NF lines are on and no they are not cheap lol


get fucked over fast!

be totally ignored!

Really I find it sad that you have to watch out for other chicks on here getting your information more than you have to watch out for the boys. I dont care whats going on but, bringing peoples kids into adult stuff is STUPID! People really need to get a life! Read a fucking book or something!

Seriously it is! Its like one big giant shopping trip DAILY! I haven’t been posting too big of blog post lately because I have been having too much fun messing up the minds and wrecking credit cards. While everyone is out running their mouths about BS I am making money hahaha The other day my wishlist hit OVER 1800 my personal goal is to hit 2000 purchased by January 09 and I am sure I will hopefully amazon wont run out of shit for me to add to my list 🙂
bitch face purchased me ANOTHER 52inch plasma screen TV for my bedroom as well as a massive handful of other gifts and cash!

"i am askin myself "what i have done lately for my Goddess" and it is good to know that being surrendered and fucked last 4 days.. everyday should be like christmas for You.. its making me crazy to try hard to please You and i guess i will put another smile on that pretty face tomorrw again have a nice day.. see u tomorrow" -bitch face

We binged for the last few days and as his Goddess I know it is time for a little rest for the credit card Luckily he has mailed me my own with my name on it to use up in Vegas! Yep I have my own credit card coming. More shopping and living it up all on your tab! Wait till you get the bills in the mail you already know you are fucked.

Today was the best day of richards life! His credit card bill for this past month came in after he reviewed the damage we did to it he proceeded willingly alone to my wishlist and purchased my new Macbook Pro 🙂 Much sooner than expected. Must be that boner he is going to have for 30 long cold days haha read his blog! slaverichard

"I got this recording free from my Goddess’ PVT group, but bought it here just to leave feedback. Goddess Tierra is without a doubt the best domme in the world. She is real, genuine, has integrity, and is loyal to all Her owned slaves. She is absolutely perfect, and I am proud to serve and worship Her" -richard

awww damn richard I just realized I never gave u a proper name lol I like to just call u richard haha

pocket puppet is on a bit of a restriction lol after his royal beatings I have finally decided to ignore his begging and pleading for me to rape his wallet. He shelled out quite a bit of cash day….after day….after day I watched the transactions literally pile up in my account.

As October approaches superfans restriction is about to be lifted but I still have to keep an eye out for him. He was late on his morning email so he now owes me hehe I am letting him save it for the Vegas trip!

I haventmentioned much about mikey lol….I love when anyone goes out and shops for me without me having to say anything. He has been spoiling me with Victoria Secret gear and I love it! I told him my sizes he sends me lovely panties and bras 🙂 The bikini i was wearing in my last wishlist video was from him… HOT! I will definitely be parading around the pool in that!

My Vegas trip is going to be nuts, OMG skyloft at the MGM I am so damn spoiled! Speaking of Vegas Lindsay, Michelle and I are going to be partying like crazy send us Gift Cards!!!! They have made this all soooo conveient for you boys CLICK HERE
I plan to see quite a few shows this time and if you have seen ticket prices you know good seats are $100+ GIMME GIMME GIMME!

I still cant post images on here I dont know whats going on. It has something to do with my desktop computer because I can do it on my laptop I was going to post some images of the gifts I got for those of you who havent seen my fantastic wishlist chronicles videos. My new Nikon touch screen cam came in… portable GPS and a ton of cds including the ones from the monkster 😉 came in so I have been occupying my time playing with all my new toys! I started a new slide show because the last one had over 150 images lol

There are some of my new gifts not all . I got alot of frikkin clothes YAY! Those arent in there but I am wearing most of them in my new clips. My list is down to 1 page!!! There are still some amazing gifts to spoil me with 😉

My Wish List

My new brainwash recording has been doing some damage which has inspired me to make some more. Just another way for me to program my voice in your brain and help you spend more on your GROWING ADDICTION 😉

I am making another "30 days of Denial" clip tomorrow geez you guys are going insane over that but, I wonder how many of you are actually obedient enough to follow through all 30 days 🙂

I did go for a mani/pedi today and it will be my last one the rest of the year….yep u heard it right I will be doing all my own till January. I spend about $50 per visit and have decided that the rest of 08 that $100 a month I am going to put towards donations for various causes. Hopefully I can keep up with that lol


just booked it at your expense!!! I have had a major headache all damn day. I will update more later on!
Here are the 2 previews from the clips I made last night

The links to my clips store can be found on the right side bar. I made this counting cash clip only because I made bitch face send me $3k cash so i could make the clip hahaha I hardly EVER post information about the money I make online because its really nobody’s business but this clip was fun to make. All the green running through my greedy fingers!!!! mmmmmmm

richard had the best day of his life today hahaha I will tell you all why later 😉