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Monthly Archives: November 2008

One of my favorite forms of servitude is self destruction- how’s that wallet holding up bitchface??? I watched u destroy your bank account this morning while I wasn’t even home and then I went and dragged my little black credit card all through the mall while all you could do is be thankful I woke up early enough to fuck you up mmmmmm cash in the morning always a fav very much like morning sex! $7500 later, its amazing! This will continue when I return home hahaha

I am leaving kentucky now 🙂

Mygreat grandmother who we were going to visit in kentucky passed away this morning we were only 13hrs or so away 😦 my mom really wanted my brothers and I to meet her it just sucks on thanksgiving too. We are still going right now we are in missouri.

I am sad…I really am still on the road and its already thanksgiving, pretty much the first ever my mom is cooking and the family isnt getting together since we are gone 😦 I thought we would be to Kentucky by now but still I think we have about 14hrs left *yawn* a break was needed I am chiling in my room at the Hamptons getting ready to curl up with my princess blanket and go to sleep lol Hopefully everyone has a good thanksgiving!!

I forgot to mention we are driving to kentucky not flying lol its. A 2406 mile drive. I offered to buy everyones plane tickets my lovely mother insisted on a family road trip lol

I am most excited about stopping to see mt rushmore!!!! This might be fun and I am already raping pockets from u piggy banks via my cell hahahaha gimme my moneyyy!!

Just hooked the playstation up in the back of the truck!!!

My weekend update post are usually fun lol I dont have as many pics this time because I didnt do too much partying I had family stuff to take care of but I did get a few shots in….

Really there were like 4 people and we drank all  of this in one night. The first night was a serious chill out night. I started drinking at 6 lol and that was that!

Ebraune and I, We made a cute little jeans/ass worhship clip I will have to upload when I get a chance

At the club haha seriously for awhile my friends and I were the only people dancing…who the hell gets dressed up to go to the club and then just sits around?!?!?! NOT MEEEE!

My dress was extremely see through and I had no idea until the camera went off…ooooo well hahaha jealous bitches had to deal with it 🙂

I had a good weekend including an amazing breakfast with everyone right before I left since I wont see them all till probably New years 😦 and then found out when I got home that I have to leave tomorrow for Kentucky to go visit a very ill family member 😦 seems like there is just alot going on in my life right now my blood pressure was really high this morning it was scary, and you idiots need to realize my life does not revolve around the internet! I cant tell you how many panic messages and emails I got  seriously its ridiculous. If you are unowned by me I pretty much ignored them. My owned slaves and the monkster are much higher priority then you randoms who always turn out to be flakes. DO NOT MESSAGE ME A GAZILLION TIMES If I dont respond I will get to it some other time! I will say this one more time in hopes I wont be bum rushed with emails and messages again.

On the 9th of December I am going in for surgery and will be off and online pretty much all of December. I am not seeking any new pets right now if you have a desire to serve me, send a tribute and that might get my attention and I might acknowledge the fact that you exist hahaha OR not, TRY ME!

Its already time to start thinking about what to get me for Christmas!!! Surprisingly, I dont want a bunch of random gifts from my wishlist, there are quit a few things that I really really want and would rather have you boys pick one big item out. I no longer want the blackberry storm hahaha the reviews are self explanatory I am getting rid of tmobile and switching to AT&T so I can get an iphone I messed with shoe guys phone this weekend and I must frikking have one! bitchface is already shelling out a bit to make sure I have a merry christmas including paying for the $3k rims for my charger mmmmmmmm Its going to be bad ass. Only the best for his Goddess! I also want the angel wing earrings off my wishlist and a few other things I will mark on there soon!  I should be hearing back from superfan any day now and yes retard I do want my groceries paid for this month. Its time to get you back on track. I am sure you are reading this considering you just cant get enough of me even though I gave you a break but you still have a burning desire to serve.

my other store I started that richard is taking care of has been kicking ass and I wont be advertising it here unfortunely because I am tired of people copying every LITTLE thing I do! Do you guys not know I keep tabs on that shit? If you have copied me in the past and I busted you out for it whyyyyy do you keep doing it? ugh anyways my store is #1 on that site. and 13 of my clips are in the top 50 best selling on there 🙂 and Miss Lindsay is about to be kicking ass on there too! Her and I are pretty much just going to take over hahaha and we dont have to do shit our little slaves are handling it all for us 🙂 LOVELY!

I came home to a ton of gifts they really stacked up at the post office this weekend 17 packages! I took pics of some of the stuff and will *try to post it in my slide show on my site later. I gotta get back to packing.

I have quit a bit going on this week my boys know hehe its a high priced secret lol but anyways thought I would update my blog with a hot new clip!!

Tease and Denial at its finest!

I have a few clips to get done this week and then I am peacing out and going back home for the weekend for my uncles funeral and then of course I will be partying with my friends! Salsa dancing and then probably bowling even though I bowled a pitiful 28 last time….my only excuse was I was drunk so its time to redeem myself! I also am getting a very important tattoo done while I am down there its going to hurt like hell but it will be worth it 🙂

I am still busy busy busy raping wallets and breaking hearts. If you message me on yahoo come prepared to spend, I have been extra greedy lately! I was going to do a little gift update but my brand new nikon s60 died on me. I am so pissed I have only had that cam for less than 2 months bitchface bought it for me the moment it was released and then damn thing died frikkin Ashton Kutcher made that camera look so cool but really ITS NOT! bitchface stepped right up to replaced it with a new cam it should be here tomorrow! If you purchased clothing items from my wishlist some of you will be seeing quite a few account credits I got a whole box of stuff the other day and today thats going back because its too big. Normal people would be excited about that but really, Im not smiling 😦 I really wanted that stuff!!!!

I just attempted to make a mold of my perfect 10’s for footbitch but I need a few more items for that project. If it all goes well I will be selling castings of the 10’s to you foot freaks…its like heaven huh? I know! I have all the materials except for the most important stuff of course lol

My new c4s store is kicking ass what a great idea it was for me to have richard work on that stuff. I think all the videos are uploaded now

The funny thing is all my old clips are selling in that store. i guess people forgot about my oldies but goodies and dont check through all the pages on my  main store. working bitch richard  is now working on yet another store on another website just so I dont have to break a sweat doing it….LOVELY!
I have a good feeling 2009 is going to be insane, I am getting back into modeling full swing since I am 21 now I can do club and liquor promos (legally) which is where the money is at! I am ready! I dont think I am going to vegas in January because I have a feeling I will be there for New Years with Malissa lol and then in March a bunch of us are heading to Vegas and then i have my cruise coming up in April (pocket puppet I got your giftcard) Its going to be a blast there is also the possiblity of Canada which is not far from me at all its just a little road trip with everyone. anyways thats enough of an update for you lurkers….I know you freaks get off on reading about my amazing life for free here hahaha LJ updates are going to be less and less 🙂

ps. The AG messaged me- the blackberry storm is coming out who is buying it for me?!?!

My boys are constantly spoiling the hell out of me and I can honestly say I feel like I have the best bunch in the world! Im going to make a little video blog tomorrow and yes you lurking fucks will get to hear me congratulate my boys for free but my wishlist is officially over 2000 purchased items woooooot! I feel like having a party lol

My Wish List

about 9-10 months 1000 items were purchased from this list thousands and thousands of dollars were poured into it hahahahah all to feed my greed and please believe the cash is overflowing and gushing from these addicts wallets too! EVERYTHING is mine!!!

ps. I had my NF’s line on last night and drained the fuck out of a new boys account hahaha and I was sick in bed…you are all easily manipulated! pocket puppet got his share too my bank accounts are sitting really nice right now, but when are they not?!

Im about to dye my hair all by myself…be afraid be VERY afraid!

I seriously had all intentions on snapping on some videos and just doing a bunch of stuff…I found out 2 days ago my uncle died of a heart attack so I was pretty distant already and this morning I really wanted to get some videos done so I ran a few errands this morning and came home and got a phone call from my mom telling me that the little baby boy my cousin gave birth to 12 days ago died 😦

this isnt for sympathy or anything which is the reason why this is a pvt post but its just so everyone knows why I have been so distant and all over the place lately….

This weekend was pretty up and down. It didnt go as "smooth" as last weekend did but I did have a blast. The first night I didnt even get to the hotel until like 7pm I got in town around 11am but my room wasn’t ready so whats a girl to do? DRINK and SHOP lol we  took bitchfaces credit card all the way to a restaurant lol and had a few drinks.
The deadly Bahama mama hahaha The first time I had one of those drinks my mom gave it to me and it was lights out! This time was no different and they added extra shots to it! Just look at my face hahaha

after that we went shopping. I of course went to see shoe guy at Nordstroms he shopped with me for 2 more pairs of shoes to add to my collection and we stopped by the M.A.C makeup counterand shopped for makeup hahaha what guy wouldnt want to go shoe shopping and makeup shopping with me lol I am fun! He got to do what you bitches get to virtually do online with me. Jealous??? hahaha most of the stuff I bought while shopping is in a box at my grandmas she is mailing it to me today since I couldn’t fit it all in my bags to take back home with me but, I did manage to bring back one pair of shoes I got. These aren’t my normal style as far as shoes go since I am always wearing boots or heels, I don’t really own any sneakers hehe and since my juicy outfit pocket puppet bought me was so perfect I thought it needed a perfect pair of shoes to go with them…

Trust me these are hot and I got so many compliments on them and these kinda shoes are not cheap hahaha thanks bitchface! I think I am really going to start collecting cool shoes like these hahaha just for those days when I want to just wear jeans!

The first night out there we went to the bar UGH! I hate grimy dirty bars but thats what everyone wanted to do. I really just threw on a top and some jeans with heels and went out. AS SOON as I walked into the place I was getting dirty looks all over from guys and girls….whatever. I didnt want to be there anyways. Guys were mad at Mr. Bodyguard because I wouldn’t dance with anyone but him and girls were mad because they are to insecure and thats all people do in Tacoma is HATE, eat, and have babies lol. exactly why I effin moved!
I was drunk my eyes look HUGE ahaha….

right after that picture was taken I was dancing and some girl walked by and spilled a beer all in my hair and then vanished….I WAS HEATED! Like really mad! If your going to pull a move like that atleast have the balls to say something instead of getting scared and running off…You gotta love catty bitches right? funny thing is I didnt want any of those guys there gross not my type at all!
after that we went to Pho which is this cafeteria style asian noodle restraunt I LOVE IT! Its right across from he club I used to dance at so I seriously ate there every night after my shift so damn good! Unfortunately I was mad about the beer incident and didnt get to fully enjoy it 😦 We went back to the hotel and drank…..I dont remember anything else that night ?!?!? All I know is I had a comfy king sized bed to pass out in while everyone else was fighting over who  was going to sleep on the couch in the sitting area hahahaha
The next morning Ebraune and I had full intentions of getting up early and making clips…….I am the smartest person ever, I took the battery off my camcorder to charge it the night before I left and since I left so damn early I was still half asleep and I left the battery plugged in 😦 hahaha I was mad at myself ooooo well…
I went down to the spa and got my hair washed and cut since I still had beer in it, it was irritating me 😦 I charged it to bitchfaces credit card hahaha pretty much everything got charged to his card I love whipping it out. It was almost like he was personally there just spitting out the cash to make sure I was happy. Definitely his dream job….maybe one day it will become a reality for him but, for now I have that pretty black card $$$$$mmmmmm$$$$$
After I left the spa I went to the casino with my parents and my gma! It was fun!! My mom is crazy and loves tequila shots, those didnt sit to well with me and I lost $25 on the slot machines DAMNITT! I hate losing money even if its not mine 😦
When i got back from the casino I met up with Mr. Bodyguard and went back to the mall and bought another pair of shoes lol and a jacket from Macy’s who wouldnt except bitchfaces credit card 😦 so I was forced to hit up the ATM hahaha and withdrew some nice green! There was no way I was paying for shit!
We waited for Shoe guy to get off work and then met up with everyone and went bowling. My idea of funnnn! First off I am not the clubbing kinda person I grew outta that phase very early. I really just enjoying some drinks and chilling out with friends. I SUCK at bowling or it could have just been the 6 long islands I drank hahaha I was TORE UP! we got to bowl all night all of my favorite people were there except Malissa 😦 I dont know where she is and i cant get ahold of her…… Here are some pics from the bowling alley. Please remember, I was drunk hahaha
thats not even my drink lol

awww look at shoe guy! I know you boys are jealoussss hahahahaha he’s a hottie I know!

I debated throwing this pic up seriously like I said, I drank ALOT that night hahaha you gotta love that face 🙂 I am not ashamed lol

awww I have bambi eyes hehe bitchface if you look real close thats the necklace you bought ebraune for her bday and the earrings shes wearing You paid for too! 😉
GOOD TIMES! The bowling alley was my favorite part of this weekend. I got to see all of the people I wanted to see minus 1 and just had a good time! no drama nothing 🙂 after we got back to the hotel again I dont remember much but staring out the window drink some captain morgans talking with everyone…yeaaaaa hahahaha

I really left at like 7am the next morning which meant I got like 1 hour of sleep hahaha I wish I would have got a pic of the view from my suite it overlooked the mountains and all of downtown it was really pretty, good job pocket puppet!

i think bitchface reloaded my card with $5k there is no way I spent that much out there this weekend so I think i will use it to pay my cell bill which he should be paying anyways….text messages to his country are expensive lol my bill easily went up $30 from normal from all the texting we did in vegas ahaha he is a lucky bitch indeed he gets to pay for whatever I choose for him to pay for.

I wont be heading back that way until December to hang out. I will be down there for Thanksgiving visiting family and celebrating my brothers 18th birthday but I will be right back home. I am partied out for awhile lol my body cant handle all that alcohol lol

Now things are already back to normal! vinyl pet is already getting fucked over today so far $250 and we all know thats not enough! I am sure the bitch will be going hard today and I expect to see the rest of my pets today! I am not too sure whats up with NF’s I had my lines on and missed 4 fucking calls this weekend and the phone never rang. Its the same story when I am home too the only thing about them messing up with my calls is that my feedback scores are going down and thats bullshit! I am going to have an addict call in a little to see what happens if it works I will be on Nf’s pretty much all day I am still in my Pj’s relaxing!
richards been busting ass on my new c4s store there is a link in his blog.