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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Not letting us advertise our personal website, yahoo messenger or blogs anymore in our stores….cant say i didnt see that coming…

Currently, my blog is only visible to people on my friends list. I will change it back later but Im kinda tired of the bullshit anonymous comments and pretty much everything on this site (I think everyone is). Not to mention the recent influx in stalkers geez dont you dumbass girls know I track ALL IP’s reading my blog, If you call yourself "spying" on me or anyone else I decide to spend time with in my life then you should probably learn a thing or two about truly being anonymous on the internet, theres no such thing. I will hunt you down and destroy your life slowly…you heard it here first…you dont live that far away. Anyways, I will post video updates and stuff like that public but besides that everything else will be in friends only entries for a little bit. Add me if you would like to keep up with my amazing life, if I like you I will add you back 😉 you losers without a LJ better sign up and get an account if you want to keep up with me.


ps. You might want to shoot me a message or leave a comment here introducing yourself so I can add you back


 yeaaaaa! Quick pics 🙂 Dont you wish you could see my pants? Liquidleggings from vinyl pet I think I will leave a little bit to your imagination hahaha 🙂

Its been a little over a year since I did anything dramatic with my hair you guys know I love change hahaha so I invested your cash into the best hair extensions possible. Only the best right? yea I know!!!

unlike any other extensions I have ever had flown in direct from india well worth the 1400 price tag! They used the fusion method instead of the sew-in stuff I had awhile ago. I have literally tried every type of extensions possible I highly recommend these over the other stuff I was getting tired of the invert bob thing thats so last year and now every time I go somewhere its like THE hairstyle you see. I did love it but lets try something different.

I just got into a conversation with one of my longest subs. Longest meaning he isnt going anywhere hahaha anyways I was reading some of my favoirte blogs a few days ago and came across this entry from forbiddeneve actually, all of her entries are fucking amazing take the time to read them! The sub and I got to talking about blackmail fetishes and why I dont do them and my reason is simple, I dont beleive in "blackmailing" "forcing" anyone to serve and worship me. You should do it because you truly desire to be a part of my life giving and pleasing me in anyway you can expecting nothing in return. I just dont really like blackmail its not fun in the end there could potentially be alot of drama involved not to mention "work" involved that I simply dont have time for. I shouldnt have to force you to do anything. I have made some really hot blackmail themed videos in the past that tend to sale really well but I only made them because I liked the theme behind them. Its a fun fantasy but just something Im not into doing. So there ya go! The fetishes that Im without a doubt interested in I only do because I want to and I have fun with them. My favorites are obvious 🙂

My ignore lines are on pretty much 24/7 I forgot to mention that hahaha love when you rejects call at 4am and listen to me sleep. You probably strain your ears to try to hear me breathing, isnt that fun hhaha every morning its the same clueless idiot draining his account into my hands while I get my beauty rest or we get the fools who actually get to listen to me rip away their manhood while I talk to spoildrichbitch Princess Lindsay! doesnt that piss you guys off? Lindsay and I talk everyday while we charge you losers high prices to chat with us ahhhh the life of Ebony and Ivory hahaha 🙂

pocket puppet your little deposits I took from you will be growing VERY soon! $200 is only 10% of what I plan to take!
ooh and what do you know pathetic broke nick started a blog to get my attention tails824  actually, it just showed me how much I underestimated your stupidity hahahaha get a job bitch! Until then you can continue to write me love blogs hahaha

Yesterdays sales on c4s were a bit ridiculous and I mean that in a good way hahahaha I love seeing my email inbox fill up with clip purchases! Traffic is up in my store too its kinda odd considering I have only uploaded 1 clip this month. Any of you ladies seeing any abnormal traffic coming in? Anyways keep them coming, especially you tortured idiot, dont you just love being denied? Of course you do STOCK UP! Watch me effortlessly take all your money haha

*nick quit fucking messaging me on yahoo you broke bitch! Im ignoring you for a reason.

Im pretty sure nobody here has seen me without makeup lol Dont I look 12 years old?!? Anytime I go out without makeup on people assume I am a little kid. I just got the "monroe" piercing about an hour ago…pretty painless felt like a little shock or something I like it:)

Im still taking a chill pill ahaha I have to admit Im getting comfortable with my relaxing lifestyle at the moment. If you look around I really did bust my ass last year with all this online stuff but Im still getting some shit done Im in the process of redesigning my site its getting kinda old right now. I just havent been talking to anyone lately. I bought a little office space downtown which means more privacy for me its going to be lovely I should be moving into it officially next week.Tuesday I have a hair appointment that cost me an easy $1400 but its well worth it 🙂 and also that big concert  is next week…moral of story Im still busy but many of you know how to reach me if you feel the need to  unload some cash into my pretty hands.

As always Im loving the drama on LJ hahaha another reason Im glad i havent been around as much. FYI bitches, I LOVE MY BOOBS! I didnt get them to please anyone but myself and in actuality if you check out my online modeling portfolio which isnt hard to find if your smart my boobs arent any bigger than they were 3 years ago before I lost 30lbs with diet and excersise. I had a feeling I was going to lose my boobs but I am much healthier now, anybody talking shit is probably pissed because nobody is gonna pay for them to get theirs. Also, nobody has even seen them hahaha thats the funny part! Anyways thats all im saying on the topic so carry on worrying about me while I make money.

My new tattoo! Cant wait to finish it up. Im only letting the guy in Hawaii work on it.

and a shameless mirror pic I took this morning trying on outfits to wear to the concert gotta look hot of course.

bitchface definitely knows how to pick a sexy black dress! The back is corseted with silk and my back peeks out I will make sure to take pics the night of FOR SURE! Im staying at my favorite Seattle hotel and going to dinner with some friends at the space needle yeaa! I cant believe im gonna be so close to the stage.

I had a great time in Hawaii i met up with a friend the last day and got a new tattoo that I will show off later. I spent most of the night I got home in the ER with a bladder infection it was not fun. I got alot of things to get done today, Im not sure i will be on yahoo today maybe tomorrow…

 First off Im on vacation and definitely not going to put up with anyones bullshit right now. My store is ran by richard I have no idea how its ran, how to use it or anything, I JUST COLLECT CHECKS! I have emailed richard about the "keywords" that some are saying he is using in the store. I appreciate those of you who let me know and had some kind of respect and to the dumb nobody bitches who decided to call me out of my name know this, I DONT NEED TO USE YOUR NAME TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE. Nobody is even googling you hahaha Everyone reading this clearly knows Im going to get it anyway and dont need to piggy back off of anyone and if richard did put those keywords in there he wasnt thinking. so before you contact me spewing bullshit you might want to think about that Im Tierra I make money off these idiots daily and dont need to pull any scandalous shit to do it. THINK ABOUT THAT! Now I am going back to doing what im doing, relaxing on the beach in Hawaii & spending money in the 5 story mall.Im pretty sure I could teach you a few things about all that dumb ass! 
Here are a few pics from my cell all my good pics are on my other cam but I will post more later

My hotel View kinda lol

Rocking the curly fro hahaha

fiasco came along

one of the beaches


I leave in the morning yay! Im super excited of course its taken me all day to pack hahaha oooo the joys of having way too many articles of clothing I dont want to under pack lol. I dont exactly know when i coming back home to be honest Im in the process of trying to extend my plane ticket, Im just going to go with the flow and have some fun! Anyways loooook I made a HOT ASS NEW CLIP! Your all going to love it!
and how selfish of me not to post ways for you addicted drooling fools to tribute towards my Hawaii fun in the sun. Tribute towards drinks, food, or whatever the hell I want!




  Clickety click click!

the ignore line will be on most of the time and I might turn my talking lines of occasionally…maybe lol

Im going to try to post alot while I am gone considering I am alone it will give me a little something to do I guess lol oooh and yes I am packing the furry fiasco!