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I bought the domain the other day, right now its redirected to my clips store Im not sure what I am going to do with it yet but I am sure in the future there will be something coming!
ummm as soon as I find richard the video will be up on NF’s. Nf’s vids have been selling like crazy. Im glad I added a bunch of them!…I need a new juicy track suit asaNOWWWW! pocket  puppet would be forced to do it right now but his card isnt working on amazon so i am taking all his money via paypal and spending it on on ebay and music on itunes…I could really just download any song I wanted hahaha but Im paying for them today just because I can 🙂
shop shop shop! I hate when my list goes over 200 unpurchased!

My Wish List

OMG its killing me…who stepped it up and bought my TV off my wishlist? Just got a phone call and it will be delivered on wednesday YAY!!!!!

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