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So I havent been around as much lately due to my computer having a nasty nasty virus 😦 it sucksss BUT, I have been enjoying the rare little bit of sunshine we have here in WA and hanging out with friends. I know you boys have your panties all bunched up but I will worry about getting the virus fixed soon. For now I am using my mac which I do love I just dont use it as much. My birthday is coming up pretty quick its time for you all to make sure your gifts are on their way!!!!! Do not disappoint me this month and start slacking with tributes! slave richard and alberto got their gifts in early with richards $1K IN FUNds and my brand new flat screen from alberto things are going great. TO THE REST OF YOU! SEND ME MY MONEY!!!!!!

My Wish List

Looks like Ive hooked a new little obsessed boy to use. Good job on the tributes tom look in your niteflirts mail and pay every paymail I send you!
 Before you all freak out, we all know my Tease and denial clips are usually priced higher, this one is really hot but the first 30 seconds or so are distorted. Theres still audio but the beginning it looks like I am talking and moving behind a picture after this little problem the video is still a cruel sexy tease and this time you cheap fuckers can afford it!

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