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Most of my owned boys know the "what you see is what you get" slogan definitely applies to me! I love the fact that I can be goofy and myself around my slaves and admirers I think its important that people see that side of me and know Im a real person too, a really hot devious greedy bitchy person but still a person hahaha. Heres a quick little candid clip I made with my cheap ass camcorder that vinyl pet bought me awhile back it just records to a little SD card so it was easy to upload. I refuse to make my videos on  this crappy cam. I love the high quality standards I have been putting out. Im pissed 30 days of denial DOES start today and I havent been able to get the clip uploaded but you get to see a little sneak peak of it on this video as well as my tattoo since yesterdays pics were so dark 😦 Ignore the crappy editing and the darkness this cam was cheap!

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