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first of all, I am D O N E D O N E D O N E with! I used to love selling on there I met so many great girls and fetish fanatics there but I am so tired of the non paying bidders bullshit! Its only happened to me 3 times on there in the last 3 years and thats all its going to take for me to not sell there anymore. it sucks because I have tons of stuff to get rid of and why not extract a few bucks from you boys for it?!? ahhhhh I had some good times on that site its a shame…anyways I was going through my panty drawer this morning and got pissed at how many pairs of panties there were in there that I didnt want anymore…soOooo Im selling them all! OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW and they are only 20 bucks bargain deal for you losers I am sure you have all seen how high my worn panties go for on ebanned hahaha so this really is rare. First come first served bitches get in line!

Miss Haleys new smoking vid is in my c4s store until her store is finished scoop it up!

Its been awhile since my last foot fetish themed clip huh? buy me some new shoes then we will talk 😉
My Wish List

I wasnt going to do any photo shoots or anything until my sleeve tattoo was complete but I think tomorrow I am going to get a few sets done for my site its jerk material overload isnt it?

*Have you guys seen my new tattoo?!? If not its because you dont follow me on twitter I post pics there frequently and I just recently posted one of a new tat I got a few days ago
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