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I havent updated here really but I have been around and if you have been lucky….you caught me on niteflirts the last 2 nights with my friend taking calls. Its always fun to team up with someone and fuck you boys over! The last 2 nights my friend Haley has been over hanging out making clips, taking calls and raping wallets. Haley is in no way new to the scene. She has been doing RT sessions in WA state and Vegas for the last 4 years. I just recently found out she had an interest in the online scene so I thought I would introduce you all to her via 2 new hot ass clips!!!!!

and the next 30 days of denial video….

the 30 days clip is already selling like crazy I knew you boys wouldnt be able to resist our tag team boob tease hahaha! You will be seeing alot of Miss Haley in the next few weeks we have tons of clips to knock out and shes got her own c4s store in the works. This could mean total destruction for you losers hahahaha Im excited to watch.  Im even considering offering RT sessions again. I was turned off by them when the fucking loser last year decided to flake on me…oooo well he paid me anyways but thats not the point I was looking forward to releasing some anger on that dipshit and he never showed up. His loss lol

This week I was extra moody 😦 pretty much angry everyday but a little retail therapy and I am  AOK…..ooooh mikey look at that receipt

I plan to be home all day today but we all know how that goes lol we will see. Time to work on uploading more clips!


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