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Its gorgeous outside, Im about to head out to the movies to see Angels and Demons. Last night I saw star trek and LOVED IT! Before I head out I thought I would post this…

Part of 1 of the images sets that will be going up on my site this upcoming week! Also there are tons of videos coming up hope you boys are ready for that. The next 30 days clip should be up tomorrow! For now heres a brand new boot worship clip in my $300 marciano boots I picked up in Vegas while shopping with Princess Michelle

The chrome heel is hot isnt it?

As soon as richard gets back from his family vacation the clips will be available in smaller format for NF’s users and Ipod users. I have a few more clips that are processing but unless they are ready in the next hour they wont be up till tomorrow!
Ciao bitches!!!

ps. Im still in the top 50 stores on keep me in there!!!

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