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Im getting ready to go get inked again today!!!! Im super excited to get my work done on my sleeve it will be even closer to being complete!! Some of you poor boys have been feeling neglected this week the sun comes out and your Goddess is definitely out enjoying it!

This week I worked on my car a little bit. I have always been interested in cars and fixing them up and finally started working on my charger. I loooooove the way it sounds and wanted to make it even more beastly so I had them put straight piping and a new exhaust in the back next week I am actually going to have duo exhaust put in. I also finally threw some 22’s on it Im loving it! People think its a mans car and then I hop out hahaha and they feel demasculated!

I also really want to get this thing lowered asap!! The lowering kit is on my wishlist whos feeling like splurging?!?! Im so excited to be working on my cars next I will have to start working on the g35 it just got out the shop and has been MIA for a few  months due to 2 back to back accidents lol …we wont even talk about that!

and Im thinking about purchasing my first old school car. We will see!

I released 2 videos from 2 of my hottest video series this week I havent even posted about any of my new clips from this week and they have been selling like crazy already! Im still in the top 50 on c4s last time I checked at #35!

hahaha the new cuck clips reactions I am getting are priceless some of you are even more pathetic than I thought eager to serve me and my stud… I dont blame you we are a hot duo. Look for more clips with him next week we had fun making this one and definitely will be doing more.  I know I didnt get the image sets up from last weekend because Ive been out enjoying the sun way too much maybe when it rains I will actually have time to get them up because I will be forced to stay indoors hahaha.
Have a great Friday everyone!!!

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