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ooooooooooh I was so into taking pics of myself today! Friday was tattoo day and Im loving my tat more and more. We did 3hrs this time not because I couldnt go any longer but because my arm was swollen up pretty good! Here a few (a lot) of pics!

OMG Im sure some people are sooOoOoOo upset hahahaha o well! I love my tattoos they are turning out exactly how I wanted them to turn out and I could care less if anyone cant stand them stop coming to my blog if you don’t like what you see! you know that saying "loved by few hated by many"???? except I like to think I am "loved by many and hated by few"

This week is kinda up in the air…I am supposed to be doing a shoot in LA with a pretty popular magazine but it has occurred to me that they have not seen my new additions to my body aka the monster tat on my arm so I am going to send them pics and see what the deal is. Honestly I wouldn’t be upset if they decided not to shoot me but it would be fun I guess. I have other goals and ambitions I am working towards as far as modeling goes and I am sure most of you can tell by the change of things whats coming next *wink* If I dont go to LA I have tentatively planned to be in Vegas sometime around June 6th just a little mini getaway trip! I miss the Vegas life! If you have been following my twitter you will know I am considering moving there in the next few months!

NOW…..for the new clips….

Still Holding down the top 50 at #31 right now yayyyyyyy! I dont know whats planned for tonight the stud has been out all day so maybe we will go for one of those long late night drives…I hope soooooooooooo! hahaha you cuck bitches are loving my man. We have got so many emails from pathetic cuck bois and I finally allowed one of you to pay for our amazing $125 dinner on the water last night yummmmmy who’s next???

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