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I had a really good time in Cali this weekend the Show magazine shoot was ridiculously amazing! We got some really good images and the best thing about it is the magazine is pretty much available in any grocery store so you boys can pick it up anywhere. They even sell it in the 711 here lol The pictures were sooooo good Nick from slickforce studios, I cant even begin to tell you about his work. We also got tons of content for their site so you will all be able to join there and see image sets and over 43 minutes worth of video from the shoot. The issue hits stands in 2 months I will keep you all posted. I know my boys are anxious for it to come out its exciting šŸ™‚
Here are a few pics from the weekend adventure….I forgot to put the memory card in my camera so wasnt able to take any pics besides the ones on my phone.
We went to like every skate shop in LA lol This is me standing outside of one

on Hunnington Beach enjoying the sunset after day 1 of shooting

Day 2 of shooting on my way to Hollywood!!!

mmmm and you know The Stud and I enjoyed our little moment on the Santa Monica beach before we left!
I keep getting emails from losers asking if The Stud is a white boy…..I usually only talk to white boys honestly but The Stud is not a white boy at all hahaha hes hung like a horse meaning he couldnt be like you losers! Hes a sexy mix of Black Korean Hawaiian and Phillipino. You losers love him. His little cuckie fans are filling his closet with gear from amazon hahahaha what a bunch of pathetic bitches you are for him and ME! Looking at him demasculates all of you cuckold losers. We are going to be working on a new cuck clip tonight be on the look out! We have been talking about doing another but always get side tracked with ummmmm other important things….like….i bet you can guess šŸ˜‰

2 new clips were added today!

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