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So first off, the best gift my working bitch slave richard has given me so far in his servitude has been my sleeve tat. He continues to pay for every session! Yesterday I went in for a 4 hour session. I didnt feel the pain until this am when I rolled over and it hurt like like hell!

I think its coming along amazing. It looks like its about done but my inner arm has NO INK at all hahaha silly me thinking I was almost done. I think easily there will be another 6 sessions or so. I love it! richard, this is the best gift your hard working ass has ever gave me. slave richard is still out of town. Its almost weird not talking to him. I am proud to say I am honestly very close to my boys and I have built and empire of amazingly devoted BITCHES! hahaha they are the reason you newbies have to work extra hard to impress me!

Now for the clips…

and brace yourself…"The Beast & His Beauty" series has officially launched….

We are taking submissions for our next interview clip. Got a question you want to ask me or The Stud? We will be doing a sexy little interview clip featuring questions from all of you. email your questions to

I have always wanted to start a cuckold series ALWAYS, but I wanted to do it the best possible. I didnt want to just throw some random ass low quality videos up. I wanted to go all out! This new series is going to be amazing! We agreed to keep it completely candid and just have fun with it. So heres the start of something new…and trust me you guys havent seen shit yet hahaha we have been brainstorming and brainstorming. Lets just say the domain name will be mine in a few days… We have a few devoted little cuckies already and one is coming to seattle to visit soon! can you say SHOPPING SPREEEEE!

This weekend is going to be ridiculously busy I am going out of town for a day long photoshoot at a new hotel in Washington and Im expecting to get some really nice content for the redesign of my site and a future website I am working on oh and I suppose a few image sets for you addicts 😉 Dont expect me to be around too much.

My wishlist is crowded with tons and tons of clothes that I WANT and could easily have if I wanted to blow my own money and giftcards, instead YOU DO IT!

My Wish List

oooh and my new Gucci shades are hot mmmmm

Eating you suckers alive!

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