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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Just got these in from the hot rod shoot damn it was hot as hell that day and with 100+ people swarming I was pretty much melting  I dont think these are edited which is also really cool this photographer shoots really good straight from the camera



*Now that my modeling is getting super busy I will continue to post a few pics from my shoots here my boys no how to find my online port and drool over all the other pics too lol

last week a new victim came along bought $300 in clips in raided my greedy want list! See what happens when people buy me fun stuff…

This clip was so fun to make! Its a 4lb hula hoop designed to get you toned up! I plan on doing this every day and definitely plan on making more clips in sexy bikinis hula hooping in fun locations and everything but who’s buying the bikinis….YOU!

My Wish List

my waist is way smaller now my new measurements are 34dd-25-39
just got this back from a few months ago..if my tat was shaded in back then it would be even better =)

SoOoOo if you have been watching the news you will see the northwest is going through some abnormal temperatures and WOW I cant stand it. I promise to never complain when it rains lol Its to hot to sit in the house and have my PC running my 27 inch monitor alone radiates heat. So I havent really been smashing on clips like I have been this month. I said fuck it and havent straightened my hair since the hike I went on Im loving not having to put any heat on it I love my little afro hahaha if that makes me "ghetto" then sooo be it 🙂
Heres a little something for the stalkers and haters  to get pissed about:

I found a place to move and its absolutely breathtaking!!!! It is one of the premier spots to live in my hometown! I think its about 2,000sq ft. I wasnt quite ready to move into a big house yet but I cant pass on this place, I just cant! Last year they were being sold at $600,000 and the builder couldnt sell them at that price so the price has been dropped. I get my keys Friday and I am super excited! Here are a few pics

yes the balcony is that effin big!!!!
It was built eco friendly so I am officially going green starting August 1st!
Its in total 3 stories with an amazing balcony off of the office. I cant believe I got this place with a STUPID deal. The owner has nowhere to put any of the furniture they have inside which is all brand new so he is selling EVERYTHING to me for $500….ya I got lucky. I am allowing pocket puppet to pick up the tab! hahaha thank me later bitch. I have already began planning out some fantastic clip ideas and will probably use it as shooting space for photographers that come from out of town to work with me.

I will be going out of town Tuesday for a photo shoot with photographer Julian Wilde his studio is 16,000sq castle in Portland Oregon! I cant wait to shoot with him and his wife. They create magical images seriously.

Yesterdays clip,

Time for dinner! We are thinking breakfast for dinner tonight lol


   ** I wish people would stop trying so hard to search for something wrong with me its looking a little insane honestly….
Im a cool ass person I get along with everyone. There isnt a legit bad thing anyone can spit out too bad you look like a fool, now im going back to collecting $$$$$$

not for me but at least my legs are going to be even more fab a few more times on the trek I went on today.a total of about 6miles through a river over trees, through bushes….IT WAS SERIOUS! 90% of it was walking/running through a fast moving river I am exhausted! So buy the video and settle down pets I will be back with more tomorrow…

For the record I hardly ever go on cam hahaha my time is to valuable to sit in front of the computer while rejects wack at their pinky dicks. The last time I went on cam a guy paid $50 per MINUTE yes PER MINUTE while I flipped him off and made him kiss my ass! Sorry guys Im just that good..


That pics not from last nights shoot I will be posting some of those later. The shoot was insane tons of hot rods and 100+ people watching me in a live photoshoot. That was the first time I have ever done anything like that it was crazy! The pics turned out amazing though from what I saw and it looks like I will be returning to Cali in the next few weeks for another big shoot and also some shoots in Vegas! My life is getting busy.

Today I will be around a little working on some clips and washing my car and OMG maybe just maybe I will turn my cam on hahaha cause I love to do that oooh so much lol 

This week was super busy with photoshoots and random hanging out and I know my boys missed me =) Next week my schedule is pretty clear but that doesnt last very long with me hahaha. Tons of wishlist gifts have been trickling in I had a nice surprise from the few boys who have my home addy, lots of unexpected gifts and ooooooooh you know how I love the $$$GREEEEEN$$$ Collected surprise Goddess tributes from pocket puppet and alberto on Thursday night! mikey is having a hard time following directions hmmm i wonder if that giftcard I ORDERED you to get is on its way? I dont like to wait…

I didnt make that many clips this week since I was so damn busy but here are a few…

Juicy Ass Rip Off Clip

and my very first Tease and Denial Game is now in my c4s store!

There are 4 different clips (game pieces) to choose are you FEELING LUCKY? Dont forget bois in my world I ALWAYS win hahaha Good Luck!

Todays photoshoot is a hot rod shoot with a bunch of cool ass cars…..yea Im excited =)

ps. I am heading to Oregon August 13th-16th I will be working on photoshoots most of the time but also plan on relaxing and taking  it as a mini vacation so get those trip tributes in!

yessssss! That $8,000 bitchface shelled out in December is paying off EVERY FUCKING DAY, told ya I would reap the benefits for life SUCKA hahahhaha my "Weak for these" clip is now the #43 top selling video on i just happened to take a peak a few minutes ago at the rankings and was happy to see my video up there! As far as I know this is the first time one of my videos has been up there.

ok, i get it you addicts are in love with my big tits almost as much as I am hahaha they make you $tupid $tupid $tupid even before I saw this video was in the top 50 selling clips todays video I uploaded was another tit tease.

buy em up bitches!

I woke up at the ass crack of dawn today to begin searching for another condo. The very first place I checked out was amazing which made it difficult for me to settle for anything less than grand 21 ft ceilings waterfront/mountain views patio outside the master bedroom and the living room granite flooring yea I think this may be it…. this is the view just walking into it my jaw dropped ahhhmazing place!

my head hurts from all of the info i have had to soak in today looking at about 5 different places ughhh!

Here is the clip I uploaded last night. If you have been begging me to make a giantess clip for the last oooo almost year here you fucking go! lol

I’ve managed to stay in the top 50 all month and last month and the month before off and on. Im liking the results pretty awesome guys keep me in there!

im greedy and cranky tonight so watch the fuck out!

i managed to pop out one clip last night which came as a custom clip for one lucky boy who followed directions from the previous post

it fits right in with my last ‘wife vid’ clip i made last week but this time i really do make your wife my bitch hahaha its already getting great feedback.

last nights radio interview went fantastic i had a ton of fun. the interview was about a range of things from my modeling, my man and of course everyone wanted to know about the fetishes i am into hahaha a few of my owned boys got shout outs and i dont even think any of you sillies were listening, sucks for you. They have asked me to come back sometime so i will be back in the studio with them again soon.

i drove out to monroe today and picked up all my gifts that were waiting, looks like im going to have to make a second trip out there this upcoming week because over 30 items were purchased and only 6 things came in…a few boys have the privelage of having my cell and home address so alberto surprised me with yummy cheesecake from a  bakery in chicago. i am looking forward to digging into that tonight as i curl up on the couch i mean bed, and play afro samuri from mikey on the ps3. i’ve got lady cramps so im going to be pretty miserable tonight. i of course wont be alone so i will be having my ignore lines on in a bit. tomorrow i have a photoshoot then a meeting to have another look at the penthouse condo i have had my eye on……i just found out some news about it im not liking they lied to me saying nobody has ever lived in it before yet i heard there was a massive party thrown in it last year where wild and outrageous things were done and shit was broken…i wanna live somewhere where nobody has had a chance to break shit yet lol so i am not sure if i will be moving there i also found out that the renters building attached to the condos will be sharing the amenities that the penthouse/condo owners have like the awesome theater, pool and cabana etc….i dont think its actually fair to have to share those things considering i will be paying nearly 250 a month in fees to have the privelage of using those amenities and the renters dont pay ANY extra. Basically i feel like i have been kinda ripped off and lied to in order for someone to make a sale and i have already put money down those assholes….and thats not gonna fly with me at all. anyways check back tomorrow for new clips I definitely think its time for a new cuck clip…..