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i managed to pop out one clip last night which came as a custom clip for one lucky boy who followed directions from the previous post

it fits right in with my last ‘wife vid’ clip i made last week but this time i really do make your wife my bitch hahaha its already getting great feedback.

last nights radio interview went fantastic i had a ton of fun. the interview was about a range of things from my modeling, my man and of course everyone wanted to know about the fetishes i am into hahaha a few of my owned boys got shout outs and i dont even think any of you sillies were listening, sucks for you. They have asked me to come back sometime so i will be back in the studio with them again soon.

i drove out to monroe today and picked up all my gifts that were waiting, looks like im going to have to make a second trip out there this upcoming week because over 30 items were purchased and only 6 things came in…a few boys have the privelage of having my cell and home address so alberto surprised me with yummy cheesecake from a  bakery in chicago. i am looking forward to digging into that tonight as i curl up on the couch i mean bed, and play afro samuri from mikey on the ps3. i’ve got lady cramps so im going to be pretty miserable tonight. i of course wont be alone so i will be having my ignore lines on in a bit. tomorrow i have a photoshoot then a meeting to have another look at the penthouse condo i have had my eye on……i just found out some news about it im not liking they lied to me saying nobody has ever lived in it before yet i heard there was a massive party thrown in it last year where wild and outrageous things were done and shit was broken…i wanna live somewhere where nobody has had a chance to break shit yet lol so i am not sure if i will be moving there i also found out that the renters building attached to the condos will be sharing the amenities that the penthouse/condo owners have like the awesome theater, pool and cabana etc….i dont think its actually fair to have to share those things considering i will be paying nearly 250 a month in fees to have the privelage of using those amenities and the renters dont pay ANY extra. Basically i feel like i have been kinda ripped off and lied to in order for someone to make a sale and i have already put money down those assholes….and thats not gonna fly with me at all. anyways check back tomorrow for new clips I definitely think its time for a new cuck clip…..

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