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This week was super busy with photoshoots and random hanging out and I know my boys missed me =) Next week my schedule is pretty clear but that doesnt last very long with me hahaha. Tons of wishlist gifts have been trickling in I had a nice surprise from the few boys who have my home addy, lots of unexpected gifts and ooooooooh you know how I love the $$$GREEEEEN$$$ Collected surprise Goddess tributes from pocket puppet and alberto on Thursday night! mikey is having a hard time following directions hmmm i wonder if that giftcard I ORDERED you to get is on its way? I dont like to wait…

I didnt make that many clips this week since I was so damn busy but here are a few…

Juicy Ass Rip Off Clip

and my very first Tease and Denial Game is now in my c4s store!

There are 4 different clips (game pieces) to choose are you FEELING LUCKY? Dont forget bois in my world I ALWAYS win hahaha Good Luck!

Todays photoshoot is a hot rod shoot with a bunch of cool ass cars…..yea Im excited =)

ps. I am heading to Oregon August 13th-16th I will be working on photoshoots most of the time but also plan on relaxing and taking  it as a mini vacation so get those trip tributes in!

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