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SoOoOo if you have been watching the news you will see the northwest is going through some abnormal temperatures and WOW I cant stand it. I promise to never complain when it rains lol Its to hot to sit in the house and have my PC running my 27 inch monitor alone radiates heat. So I havent really been smashing on clips like I have been this month. I said fuck it and havent straightened my hair since the hike I went on Im loving not having to put any heat on it I love my little afro hahaha if that makes me "ghetto" then sooo be it 🙂
Heres a little something for the stalkers and haters  to get pissed about:

I found a place to move and its absolutely breathtaking!!!! It is one of the premier spots to live in my hometown! I think its about 2,000sq ft. I wasnt quite ready to move into a big house yet but I cant pass on this place, I just cant! Last year they were being sold at $600,000 and the builder couldnt sell them at that price so the price has been dropped. I get my keys Friday and I am super excited! Here are a few pics

yes the balcony is that effin big!!!!
It was built eco friendly so I am officially going green starting August 1st!
Its in total 3 stories with an amazing balcony off of the office. I cant believe I got this place with a STUPID deal. The owner has nowhere to put any of the furniture they have inside which is all brand new so he is selling EVERYTHING to me for $500….ya I got lucky. I am allowing pocket puppet to pick up the tab! hahaha thank me later bitch. I have already began planning out some fantastic clip ideas and will probably use it as shooting space for photographers that come from out of town to work with me.

I will be going out of town Tuesday for a photo shoot with photographer Julian Wilde his studio is 16,000sq castle in Portland Oregon! I cant wait to shoot with him and his wife. They create magical images seriously.

Yesterdays clip,

Time for dinner! We are thinking breakfast for dinner tonight lol


   ** I wish people would stop trying so hard to search for something wrong with me its looking a little insane honestly….
Im a cool ass person I get along with everyone. There isnt a legit bad thing anyone can spit out too bad you look like a fool, now im going back to collecting $$$$$$

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