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oh the joys of obtaining a new home….im all moved in now almost finished unpacking. The cable and internet guy showed up today and after nearly 3 hrs told me my house is going to need to be wired completely meaning they will have to get city permits to dig under the house etc etc. meaning I wont have internet until September 14th…….Im probably going to go insane with no internet at home it sucks. I will be uploading and updating from my parents house just to keep my stores updated and thank you IPHONE for having the 3g connection so I can atleast chat on yahoo, collect my cash and keep in touch with everyone.

I will upload some pics of the new place and a pvt video for friends only in a few days just to keep my number 1 HATER happy….hey bitch hahaha my new castle is amazing I know everything you could ever dream of right haha

I really dont get why people think trying to tear me down is going to get me mad honestly im laughing…seriously get a life. I consider myself to be in a league all on my own and dont try to compete with other girls its not my thing. Everyone here has their own niche its a shame some people just cant find theres and have nothing to do but hate they end up in there late 30’s still trying to find themselves tsk tsk…im sorry lol racist comments are also very wack considering my personality that is CLEARLY not ghetto but hey you can waste your time calling me names all you want im flattered you would spend that time leaving me nasty little comments…waste of time punching the keys in a psychotic rage hahaha and yes Im very so jealous of you and your poor grammar…sad

My clips store is back in the top 50 thanks to working bitch whos been working extra hard in my absense from the net. I have 3 brand new clips coming and they look amazing in the new place those will be uploaded hopefully tomorrow afternoon. Until then stock up on the others 🙂

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