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I dunno Im not so much into doing "request" or custom clips they just arent something Im into. I like making clips that I like to do so if someone has a really good idea for a custom clip which I DO CHARGE FOR STARTING at $100 then I will do it but only if its a good amazing idea that I havent seen before NOT some bullshit like this

Hi Terri:-)


I’m from the UK and found your site today. You are absolutely stunning and your site looks a whole lot of fun!! πŸ™‚


I wonder if I could make a clip enquiry with you? I have a fetish that is, I admit, a little unusual, but I wonder if it would be at all possible for you consider producing a clip on c4s on this theme.


I absolutely adore watching beautiful girls chew on their fingernails. I stress, *not* biting – as I know this is a very unattractive habit, but you know when you see people chewing on them out of nerves, or habit, or mainly because they are trying to ensure their nails are ultra-clean? When beautiful women do it, I just find it really hot.


Sooo…I’m wondering if you would be open to producing something based on this? It would be a very simple easy scenario – you sitting at home, watching tv, really bored, examining fingernails, deciding that they need cleaning, and you don’t have a nailbrush to hand.


I’d be so so thrilled if you were open to producing such a clip. And if you were, would it be possible for you to wear some hand jewelry – rings on your thumbs and little fingers, other random fingers, bracelets, a watch?


Many thanks for your consideration, Terri. Hope to hear from you and have a good day.


Rob πŸ™‚

Ok now lets take a closer look at this…
a) my name is NOT Terri WTF
b) I cant tell from the style of the email and checking around this was mass emailed to a few people today tsk tsk
c) Do I look like I would bite my nails? I mean alberto pays every month for me to have a mani/pedi why the eff would I bite my nails too high maintenance for that
d) again my name is NOT Terri

People like this fool make it so I dont take request or customs from anyone seriously. Wonder why your request never get a response?…..wonder no more its people like this who just ruin it lol

anyways… 2 new HOT original clips right from my very own brain!

Only 14 more days and I will have internet again. Damn I cant wait!!! Imagine all the fun Im going to have playing ahahaha I still managed to pull a miracle without having internet last month and stayed in the top 50 all 31 days the last 4 months I have been in and out and usually drop out the last week but I didnt in August so im happy πŸ™‚ Keep buying those clips!

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