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Its exciting to see my name at #11 but its even more exciting seeing alot of ladies from LJ creeping into the top 50 I would love to see all of us up there. Could you imagine hahaha

3 new clips

Yes my internet is back up and running the moment it was up I was bombarded with messages on yahoo. Did I ever tell you fuckers time is money? Unless you are one of MY OWNED BOYS there is no such thing as free chat. Who the fuck do you think I am hahahaha losers!

Now that I have my amazing new iphone from alberto I can upload videos to twitter so if you are a twitter hater then you will be missing out lol
Today is another busy day of collecting my cash Western Union is calling my name its saying come pick up your $2,000 so you can spend it!

oops 10mins later Im at #8 yesssss!

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