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So as usual it took me some days to recover from vacation and NO i was not hungover I have a super weak immune system and I think the nasty plane air circulation is what gets me everytime but Im all better now yay!!! Thanks to all of my boys who sent me my many deserving tributes to make this trip a fucking success! I had the time of my life on the unofficial but oh so official Vegas trip with the girls!! I was greeted at the airport in my own stretch limo with roses and champagne courtesy of working bitch richard mmmmm people always stare at me wondering :who the fuck is that" and the limo service everytime adds to that hahaha Lets see so the first night I saw the cirque du solei show ZUMANITY which was a fucking dream!!!! I have always wanted to see it and it was down right incredible no pics were allowed but it was awesome. I had this nice comfy velvet couch all to myself and the best seat in the house! Better be for $273 tickets lol after that I met up with the girls for drinks and we of course had VIP bottle service at LAX in the luxor frikkin awesome!!!!!! Lindsay Lindsay knows how to work the mouth piece hahahaha Love ya girl!

Our table was above and across Kobe Bryant who sucks at partying hahahaha the action was definitely where we were duhhhhhh! Look at all those people standing around hahaha thats not how the girls and I do it πŸ™‚

I walked around drunk all day the next day with a gigantic margarita and pint of tequilla hahaha the drinks were never strong enough. I shopped my ass off and actually got sick of shopping on day 2 my favorite purchase was this swavorski crystal iphone cover which I will give credit to alberto for because i spent his cash on this. He seems to pay for my iphone upgrades all the time lol

my phone is awesommmme!!! I love it!!!!!

As night time came I met up with some family friend for drinks at LAVO which was at my hotel the Venetian dont ask me how I got free drinks there the perks were everywhere I went I myself was even confused the Venetian hotel gave me alot of freebies I have no clue what was up with that. I had a really cool suite which I posted pics of on my twitter. After Lavo i raced to my room to change clothes and meet the girls at TAO VIP service there hahaha We all looked stunning in our dresses! I love having hot friends!!!

Im sure you can see my ear full of diamonds wow these were a super surprise gift i got from a friend while I was out there OMG i am in love with them!

The next day I did what is my all time favorite thing to do in Vegas which is relax by the pool. Now I was going to keep things low key but sometimes shit just falls into my hands hahaha I first relaxed and got a 45min massage which was much needed! Then I was walking around in the hot bikini mikey bought me from VS and was approached by a TAO beach bouncer which is a much more crazier pool in the Venetian the first gave my open bar which was not really needed cause I didnt want to drink anymore lol but then I walked around and another guy and a cute girl who was a host came up to me and asked me if I needed help finding a seat. There was nowhere to sit at all…..that lef me to getting this huge cabana with a $500 drink credit hahaha the host said she was in love with my boobs I guess they got me my cabana πŸ™‚ It was heaven hahaha if you have never had a cabana these babies are fucking loaded xbox 360 and sexy waitress included and please believe me, anything I got I was very grateful for!

ha later that night i met up with one of my bestfriends from highschool and went to a amazing sushi dinner mmmmm I wish i knew how to cook the food damnitt it was too good something like an asian seafood stew wow anyways heres a goofy pic from earlier in the night lol

after dinner I called it a night and was so tired!!!!!

MORAL OF STORY: GO HARD OR GO HOME! im sure its not hard to tell from this trip and my past vegas trips I party and live it up while im in Vegas and enjoy the luxury and VIP treatment mmmmmmmm cant wait to go back! Lyne let me know your dates for your next vegas getaway!!!!

I have been home since Saturday and picked the puppies up from the sitter yesterday I am so glad they are home!!!!! I dont think I have posted pics of my babies here yet,
the male is very big for a teacup lol he is huge compared to his sister I havent named him yet but Ive been calling him Big Black (from Rob & Big) because he rocks his security shirt hahaha hes so cute

his sister Belle

I originally was only going to keep the female but I am so attached to them both i have found it difficult to even discuss giving him away 😦 my mother wants him so bad!

They have taken up much of my time lately and I am HAPPY! hahahahah sucks for you online pets who want my time hahaha if only you boys were as cute as my babies πŸ™‚ just look at them lol

So while I was gone I slipped from the top 50 which is no surprise since the day I left I was emailed by someone I have a little special place for in my heart since everyone else hates this person hahaha anyways thanks to this person I found out tons of my clips are being pirated ughhhh no wonder i slipped so quick after 3 strong months! I have never had a problem with pirates yes, its bad terrible actually but I know I am not the only person who sees it as a little form of advertisment. Since my vids have been pirated I have definitely increased sales but the number of clips this person found was INSANE!! richard has been working overtime getting them pulled just like all the others so we will see how that goes. Here are a few recent clips that have been posted!

my next big thing isnt till halloween so I am taking it easy for a bit my family halloween party is definitely going to wear me out lol

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