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Im not even going to watermark my pics anymore….whats the point lol

These all were shot in the last few months but I just never got around to posting them not even in my port, the first set was when I realized I had lost WAY too much weight in my opinion and the last set I just got back from the photographer recently and they sat in my inbox forever lol anywho drool drool drool like I know you are 😉

I decided to give the "FREE CAM" on a try and actually I must say I had fun chatting it up with all my stores visitors. I dont mind meeting new people and chatting about upcoming clips etc. so I think I will start doing it more often. The only way to really know exactly when I am LIVE on there is by reading my twitter. It broadcast right from my C4S store hows that for inspiration while SHOPPING for cliips hahaha

I know I’ve been busting ass on clips lately gotta get more content up for the people who like to steal it right hahahaha check out the new clips both are super hot!

I also added Michelles banner to my store a few days ago check out her clips!

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