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anybody remember the dumb fool who sent a ridiculous amount of cash to come have a real time session in Seattle with me last year then flaked??? Yup paid then never showed up well, he once again has began to pay for another very expensive session and is flying me and my travel buddy to Australia PLUS Miss Michelle may be joining in on the fun hes going to dig deep on this one hehehehe regardless if the loser flakes or not I will be living it up in Australia this upcoming February whoooooot!!!!

anyways…after the fun free cam show aka guided video shopping my sales soared!!!!!! OBVIOUSLY! Look at all the hot clips I’ve been uploading 2 more were added today along with the virgin bedtime story!

Since I finally straightened up my shoe closet…

I was able to dig out my sexiest highest heels. I love the way these things look paired up with my legs see for yourself in the new clips hahaha Theres still lots to do in that damn closet I need 1 more rack and that should do it! the racks are filled with my everyday heels boots and sneakers then the other side will be all my stripper shoes hehehe yea im pretty spoiled my 7 year old brother helped me clean it up yesterday and kept saying it looked like a shoe store =)

ps. someone asked if this was my house I filmed in duhhhh who elses house would i be half naked in every single day making clips hahaha thats my shit!

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