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So as I said in my last public post I’ve been having lots of fun with c4s I enjoy customer interaction etc. etc… I’ve been adding tons of new videos with different topics and stuff and today my first and probably ONLY "armpit fetish" clip was posted. Then I get this message,

Thumper wrote:
Hey, there, cocktease, I loved your last armpit clip. I’m a serious deviant 4 underarm stubble. But the screen size and resolution was too small. I could barely see the stubble. Please make a Hi Res video where you haven’t shaven for about a week. It’s very specific, though. A few millimeters here and there does nothing. A half an inch long where the hairs start to cross each other does nothing either. Like the picture below. ThanXXX, babe!


My response

The video is high res must be your computer and custom clips start at $100

"hey there cock tease" whatttttt who starts an email like that besides some creepy fat guy at his computer all night
For starters ALL of my clips are shot with the CANON GL2 google it, Its one of the best cams ever so obviously his computer sucks ass and second of all do I look like the kind of girl that has ummm armpit hair?? I definitely dont let this happen…

ewwww I dont think so. Im pretty sure this dumbass was speaking of something like this. The only reason I had even a little stubble for that clip was because my new deodorant gave me a rash so I stopped shaving for a few days. and just so this is clear with everyone dont ever call me "babe" or "baby" I get grossed the fuck out when losers like all of you use those words seriously I almost want to vomit ick! Dont flood my inbox with emails because I dont really even do custom clips I hate them I hate doing clips where someone "tells" me what to do I;ve always stuck to the "I do what I want" thing and I usually stick to it unless its an amazing clip idea that I havent seen in every other store in c4s but chances are if you sent me a custom request you sent it to 10 other stores as well and Im just not with that…*end rant*

whooooooo anyways I had a day all to myself today kinda I went to the salon got my mani/pedi and various waxes all paid for by my little newborn foot freak hahaha next month will cost you more donny boy Im getting a full on brazillian wax OUCH!!

I hate going on cam to do pvt shows but throughly enjoyed slapping slapper around last night on cam about $700 in an hour later and 18 gifts on the way Im going to be a happy Goddess hehehe

Here are a few new clips

Tomorrow I’m up early to go take care of some business and then who knows I will be around…maybe

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