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Found this quote on a site obviously this guy is full of shit…

Well just some of them, the process time might vary for copy right complaints.
If they want, I can add even more filehosters next time and dlc protection to make their work even harder, for me it is no problem, I am just trying to show them they are wasting time, I can just add more and more, no problem. They need to relax and realize file sharing does only benefit them financially in long term, and this is no drunken joke, this is fact and science, prove me wrong on this, give me the studies. I can agree it might be hard to embrace this idea, but regarding this context it is to me crystal clear that they benefit from this, and they should be thankful for my promotion and help to spread their material on the net.

Now sit back and relax and just enjoy life and my uploads!

There is NO way to justify this shit…


"Oh please… Do you really need to tell yourself that we’re actually helping these Dommes to clear your conscious? Get real. I dont know how much these chicks make or how this thread effects them, and neither do you! We’re all here because the clips are free and we want to jerk off, it’s not right but who cares? My hard-on is stronger than my moral compass when it comes to this. But I dont go around convincing myself that Im actually helping them or that they should thank me. If you’re going to make the claim that it helps their profits in the long run then the burden is on YOU to prove that, not on everyone else to prove you wrong.
With that said, thank you for your contributions! from one selfish prick to another "

"You are really cold. These Dommes all work VERY hard and deserve to make good bank. i buy lots of clips and hate to see someone who obviously doesn’t talk like that as you do not respect the hard work they put into the clips."

"Ummm, who are you talking to? Dont act all high and mighty. I buy clips too. I also rip them off from here. Obviously you do too. If you care that much about the money these Dommes make you wouldn’t be here at all."

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