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I have been getting quite a few messages lately about why I dont have slaves in my clips like everyone else etc etc. and today I got the dumbest RUDEST message titled "Hey cut the crap" which quite irritated me because it stated Im not a "real domme" since I dont use slaves in my clips and how I am scared to meet slaves online.Its really funny that this person would take the time to point that out and NOT take the time to read my blog. i know you must get distracted by the pretty moving images. Now im going to address this FOR EVERYONE

first off Im not "like everyone else"… obviously. There are very few solo stores in the top 50 VERY FEW and I pride myself on being able to maintain my store being in the top 50 and not having slaves or other people in them (lets not forget about sexy flex Mz. Devious shes kicking ass as a solo store) I have been in the top 50 off and on for over a year and maintained being in there the last 5 months steady, of course I would love to make clips with other chicks but there are none close to me besides Ceara and a few others and Ceara and I have actually spoke about getting together in the future for clips.

The whole Im not "real" because I dont use slaves in my clips is very laughable I wish people would really take the time to research my background before they started spewing random bullshit. BEFORE I was online I was doing fetish shows and sessions in the club I was working in before I quite working there for about 2 months I would ONLY get fetish customers because I was known for trampling and face sitting session I have crushed my 9 inch stilleto heels into a REAL persons balls on numerous occasions I was humiliating spitting and raping the wallets of many men BEFORE I appeared on this online shit making a nice 4 figures nightly in one of the shittiest clubs in WA state. Yea Ive always been good at what I do!

If you read even deeper into my blog ummmm about as far as last week you will read about the many fools who have paid thousands for sessions with me and then never showed up sucks for them but I still got paid someone taught me to take a deposit thanks Mz. Shamica =) I guess the losers were too scared. Im even more intimidating in person imagine that. An exotic looking 5’8 34dd-25-40 model bitch waiting to fuck you up…..and you get scared!

If you keep reading you will find that I have met up with a few online slaves BEFORE was popular including the ever so famous slut steven who I should be seeing in the next few weeks when he returns to seattle. the slut just cashed out on my expensive bills yummmmy! Using him as human furniture should be fun. Will I record and sell the videos…..Im not even sure yet.

I’ve also met I think a total of 3 online subs at various car shows I have modeled at lets not forget about those now guys ahahaha losers practically begging to kiss my feet in front a thousands of people…talk about public humiliation…

Im ALSO flying to australia in February to meet the first loser to pay and run away from my session last year oompa.

OH and lets not forget about alberto and don my 2 foot bois on the east coast who have already talked about scheduling something soon.

The majority of my online slaves are all in the UK I guess they love me there and NO Im not just going to randomly meet up with some random fucking loser I talked to for a day wtf? You think Im scared ahahaha you obviously dont know me or where Im from not much scares me thanks to my CWP I would shoot a crazy idiot with a heartbeat the gun tatted behind my ear pointed at you really means something haha and my studly beast of a boyfriend will rip your balls off and hand them to you and thats no lie. Dont you know why hes MIA right now hahahaha I dont have anything to be afraid of ever.

So to the guy who left me the nasty little comment this morning learn how to fucking read and go find someone else to harass in fact try talking that shit to Mz. Danni who is like the top rated solo store right now Im sure she would love to fuck your ass up haha.

Just felt like I should address the idiot publicly anyways I was up early talking to my man mmmmm he comes home in about 34 days or soo On Christmas morning actually and oooooh how I am going to be so busy that day. I am cooking a huge meal but my bet is that I wont be eating until about 1am the next day he has 57 orgasms to give me for all the days hes been gone hehehe arent you bois super jealous. Hes really working out even more than before and OMG I cant wait to just run my hands down his fucking chest. He says working out is going to be a huge part of "our" life now hahaha I laughed when he said "our" because I do not work out AT ALL hahahaha im too lazy and prefer just to live off the good genes my parents gave me =)

Ive still been kicking ass uploading tons of clips however I think I am going to give you all a few days to pick your jaws up and upload last weeks newbies hahahaha I think I have a whole page of new clips every week now in my store. I drink coffee and brainstorm clip ideas the majority of them come from whats really going on with my online bois I like to make clips that have something to do with them so it sucks them into my little web even more…of course it works perfect that way 😉 Here are a few of the new clips

and I am VERYYYY pleased with my new 4 part series Stroke& Pay Strip Tease Game" It was ridiculously fun to make which is most important to me when creating clips

Check them out!

I put alot into my clips which Im pretty sure shows through when I flip the cam on and is why they have been selling so well lately. There is no acting or overdramatic cheesy humiliation hahaha I actually had a guy contact me recently who I agreed to session with soon since he provided references of people he has sessioned with before but he was prepared to present me with a script he had written for a D/s clip I laughed hahahahahaha I dont need a fucking script folks! Im jst very good at what I do =)

Everyone have a lovely Sunday ❤

**please excuse the typos my eye problem I wrote about I think last year is becoming severe hope I dont go completely blind in my right eye for a few more years but its getting worse by the day 😦

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