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I think the guy from the post below is butt hurt because nobody else is on his side he actually thought that after the retarded email he sent me that he could then say "Let me know when you are in florida and I will gladly let you kick my balls off and pay you" and I would jump at the thought of that hahaha he obviously missed my point and everyone elses awww o well I guess thats what we get dealing with rejects in the scene…nobody wants you silly =)

Im feeling very sick today I have no clue what it could be. Ive been fighting off "something" for a few weeks now and I think I just lost the battle, so Im going to take it easy for a few days I managed to knock out 2 clips today which are uploading now one will go up after its done loading then the other will go up at around 3am pacific time cause thats when all the freaks are lurking my store the most hahaha I see you…all of you!

I realized I guess since LJ has become so stupid lately I have given less credit to my owned bois and little followers SINCE I dont really blog anymore but you all are still doing so well at spoiling me and giving me exactly what I want. I never mention how much I make off losers anymore cause thats when the bitching starts but I will say that I am a very happy Goddess lately and that all you need to know 🙂 I love the amazon giftcards the surprise paypal tributes the surprise spending sprees on my wishlist and I love the devotion my boys have to keep me high up in the charts on c4s. This morning I woke up to sales that pushed me to #18. The more money you spend the more money THEY spend hehehe Lets keep it up guys dont slack now because the moment you slack…..well, I will slack too hahaha and we all know what that means. Speaking of wishlist I never pay much attention to it anymore I add stuff, you buy things to keep me happy but I glanced at my GREEDY WANT LIST and noticed I am so very close to hitting 2,400 purchased items ehh its kinda exciting but I would much rather be at 2,500 OF COURSE!! So listen up no matter if you are owned by me or just lurking and scared ask yourself, what have you done for me lately….whatever answer you just gave yourself, ITS NOT ENOUGH! Here let me guide you somewhere fantastic….CLICK CLICK Dont stop till I get enough! hahaha I just started singing the Micheal Jackson Song silly silly richard hahaha everyones been asking me "where is richard blah blah blah blah" so many lurking losers and slaves looked up to richard and his true devotion to me and I never even acknowledge his disapperance hes been "gone" for like a month now I think and ummmmm I had no intention on ever mentioning it because of course hes "around" again hahahaha going broke on all my videos my guess is hes going to dig himself into a little submissive hole yet again trust me, all my lost little puppies, when they stray they always come back home ALWAYS I dont really know how much I really want him around this time since every 6 months he decides he needs to "man up" come on richard how many times must we do this? You know you cannot stay away from your addiction haha but the ultimate test will be if he scurries on to my wishlist and sends me the one thing that he KNOWS I WANT! Christmas is coming and that little big gift is about all i want hmmm if he doesnt oh well someone will scoop it soon maybe…

Oh would ya look at that I wrote an actual blog today hahaha alright Im done rambling for the night my BF suggest I soak in the bathtub and try to sweat out this icky sickness I have. Good thing I have this luxurious big bathtub wooooot!

BTW my hair is getting out of control haha no heat on it for like 3 months now and its growing into this wierd curly thing lol I love it

*the shirt is another recent amazon spoil gotta love karmaloop gear!! and yea I know i look about 17 in this pic hahaha its the hair man its the hair

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