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after reading my public post he felt the need to comment over and over on my blog again and then send me this I thought i would share it with the ladies pvt. so you all can laugh lol

"Look, I love you – I just like to provoke mistresses to lash out at me because I am a true submissive. I’m tryin to help you – If you do actually DO sessions, you should to publish them and make some money off of them – it’s what people want to see – if you are making a little money now, it would triple, but you are either to dumb to know that or too scared to actually do a session – hence, you are the real dummy. Talking shit about all that you have done but not actually SHOWING anything makes you look real fake and stupid. I have a ballbusting fetish, and the stupidest thing in the world to me is to see someone TALK about busting balls and not actually doing it…you pissed me, and a lot of other people off with that dumb shit. Step it up. You are the prettiest,best built bitch on here of any race that does domination, and one of the ONLY and few pretty black ones – and you are lettin these other white bitches take your money. Do some damn live sessions and put them up, dammit.

p.s. i love when you talk down to me – you can’t hurt my feelings. Let me know when you are in florida and I will gladly let you kick my balls off and pay you so long as you PUT THE SHIT UP AND MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU!!!

It’s like a bitch tellin you she can suck dick, but never provin it. You might make a little off phone sex, but if you got a site showin you suckin the dick you obviously gonna make more money. I used to manage a fetish club so I know what I’m talkin about. Make your money and stop with the kiddie shit…

You will go from the "top 50" to number 1 in no time I’m sure.

P.S. I have been around dommes all my life and I have never heard of u until now, so you still have some ground to cover."

This guy is one of the biggest idiots I have come across in the almost 4 years I have been around online and Ihope I never get another email from anyone like this because its annoying and he thinks I “need help” hahahahaha i think I will pass on the “help” Its funny how he bought the ballbusting clip as well as others even though the clip said POV in fact the name of my store is “Ebony Goddess Tierra POV clips” meaning i shoot alone and do pov clips right??? Isnt that what that means lol

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