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"Dear Goddess Tierra

Thank you for reading my email I know your time is extremely precious.

I am writing this email after purchasing & beginning to download 11 of your mouth watering clips:

Drink it For Me!
Making wifey my bitch! ( I have not had a girlfriend or wife Goddess but your outfit was to irresistible)
The Office Jerk Off Addict
Pimping you out! Stroke & Pay Strip Tease Game pt. 1
Stroke & Pay Strip Tease Game pt. 2
Stroke & Pay Strip Tease Game pt. 3
Stroke & Pay Strip Tease Game pt. 4
Stroke & Pay Strip Tease Game pt. 5
The Virgin Bedtime Story (I am a virgin Goddess)
Virgin Loser gets a chance….? (I am a virgin Goddess)

I have a strange combination of bright red cheeks with embarrassment & even more so with nervous excitement.

Oh I missed out the second part of The office jerk off lol all purchased with a few extras:

Fishnet Brain fuck
No Hands!
The Office Jerk Off Addict pt.2 – BEG

May I can please introduce myself, my name is Marc, I am 25 years old & I live in the United Kingdom.

I am currently living with my parents so my living costs are kept to a minimum.
I work within walking distance of work so I have no transport costs.
I do not have a girlfriend.
I do not have a very active social life.

As you can see Goddess I believe I would be a perfect candidate for an online slave/servant, I am already a clip addict after my very first purchase.

After following your website, your blog & even your twitter at work I really cant stand the thought of just gazing from a distance again.

Even when I think of my own small vices & selfish fetish’s they are no longer the same unless I imagine they include you:

Verbal & physical humiliation
Public Humiliation
Forced feminization

It will come as no surprise that I am from the United Kingdom as per your blog, to be blunt & honest we simply don’t have woman like you in the UK, in all my travels in the UK I have never come across someone like you, your eyes, your voice, your giggle, your body, your sexuality, your confidence………as you can tell I am rambling & cant describe how you make me feel, my fetish is you Goddess Tierra, you are my fantasy.

I love it when you give me instructions on your clips especially when you call me boy, may I please purchase you an outfit for an upcoming clip Goddess, shoes, jewellery, a total outfit whatever you require?

I am your bitch & you are my Goddess & I cant wait to taste the sweet delights of servirtude.

Yours Humiliatingly

What a change from the previous email I posted lol I woke up this morning to soooo many clip orders someone had actually bought every video I posted within the last 2 weeks and I even saw little ol stevens name pop up there then I peaked at #15 on c4s HOORAY FOR SALES!! I fucking love seeing my cash roll in while im sleeiping such a turn on literally making money while I sleep!! little potential slave boi marc has received the go ahead to of course spoil me rotten lets see how the new boy works and how badly he wants "taste the delights of servitude"

I feel alot better today but I am not toally feeling great yet, thanks for all the advice ladies! Today I found out someone slashed my tires yet again hahaha see I have haters online and offline too. Its such a shame because I get along with people in my real everyday life just like I do online. I love everyone until you get on my bad side and even at that it takes alot to piss me off lol anyways I know who the fuck slashed my tires hahaha jealousy is oh so ugly…..looks like old school Tierra might have to come out soon we will see for now I get to drive the G35 that car is fucking sexy just sitting in the garage it too needs new tires whos going to contribute towards that bois????

I was feeling in the mood to fuck up some brains so I made a quick clip. Thats right no makeup at all and my skin is still fucking glowing perfectly Im telling you ladies EGYPTIAN MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! This stuff is awesome! I love it. Anyways, heres the clip for you bois to go scoop It will upload around 3am pacific time see, I know when you losers jerk to my clips the most hahaha traffice soars at those hours!

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