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There are quite a few livejournal ladies up there and damnitt it would be lovely to see more of us up there! Lets seriously take the whole top 50 over!

My stores top 5 best selling clips has been stuck on some old clips which definitely arent my best sellers anymore Taking a look at my sales for this month my top selling clips are

Little Black Dress

Office Jerk Off Addict pt.1

You will never have me

Revenge of the ex stripper POV

Theres a tie for #5

Recovering Clip Addict session 3- Boob Zombie

Lust For my Legs

I just finished a new sexy little clip that I will upload I dunno tonight or in the morning!

Looks like little potential slave boi marc kept his promise but sucks at shopping I guess I will have to find the time to give him a few pointers hehehe I am well over 2,400 purchased items but would much rather be at 2500 duhhhhh come on bois dont keep me waiting!

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