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Well. I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving this year my family get togethers have been strange since my dad is over in Iraq fighting this "war" Holidays just arent fun without his goofyness and this is the 4th time we have had to celebrate thanksgiving without him. When will this all end seriously??
Anywho I did not do any black friday shopping out at the mall I find the idea very retarded the same sales are going on like a week before Christmas. Its amazing how many people run out early in the morning to buy a half priced pair of socks and a few sweaters..honestly people lol There are even better sales online including did anyone catch those? I have been quite busy the last few days adding tons of video gear to my wishlist I enjoy the pre video getting ready I always put together sexy little outfits cause I have tons of stuff you bois have all bought me over ther years. Pretty much everything in my videos is from my good ol’ wishlist. Im running low on lingerie since I have been putting out tons of clips lately and I DO NOT like to wear the same things twice. Thats a no no in my book sOoOoooOo bois, who wants to see their money become famous in one of my clips??? START HERE! There we go click click buyyyy! I am taking a trip to my mailbox this week to pick up all my goodies from the last 2 weeks which reminds me to let you all know DO NOT CHOOSE EXPEDITED SHIPPING WHEN MAILING ME prezzies from my wishlist. I only check my mail every other week since my box is still 70 miles away from where I live. My contract with my box is up in March then I will move it closer to where I live. for now expedited shipping is a waste of my money use that cash to buy me more stuff!!!!

As you will be able to tell from one of my new clips I straightened my hair it lasted about ehhhh 6hrs and now its back to curly I dunno I just dont like it straight anymore when its straight it just reminds me of everyone else. maybe when it grows out more I will like it straight but for now its back to my cute little no heat curls I LOVE ITTT!


And coming later "kiss me"

Haha trust me I thought of making a little preview video with that "kiss me" song playing in the background and then the music cuts to "she hates me" by puddle of mudd cause it turns into a torturing humiliation clip hahaha remember when I used to do tons of preview clips back in the day? That was fun then youtube suspended my accounts over and over again. I really would love to start doing preview vids again but I cant sit in front of the computer like I used to it hurts my head straining my eyes to see 😦


I have been getting a ridiculous amount of request from people asking me to add their banner to my c4s store I guess cause im in the top 50, and I came up with a good way to keep that all under control. For now I am only exchanging banners with girls I know personally and have met. Thats why you see very few banners in my store. I am grateful to have met the few ladies I have met and cant wait to meet moreeee!
For now these are the only banners in my store…

We are an awesome trio!!
Fall 09

Fall 08

Why is Lindsays tounge red in every pic?!?!?! lol I miss my girlsssss!! OOOOH and guess what, rumor has it the AG Goddess Karen may be getting a c4s store and then of course my favorite asian DIVA will be up there tooo HOORAYYYY!

The strangest thing has been happening lately with my video sales I have been seeing more and more people from my state purchasing clips which is pretty cool. One messaged me and has been going nuts with the clip collecting a little foot TOY from seattle he is actually doing well for starters sooooo they little foot toy may get his wish if he keeps on spending… a personal 1 on 1 session with the 10’s sounds fun doesnt it?

I want subway again tonight that new buffalo ranch sandwhich is the TRUTH!!!!

ehh my BF cut his mohawk off today dont know how I feel about that hahaha regardless hes still a fucking STUD!!! mmmm 27 more days and I can finally have sex YAY!!!

RIP mohawk lol

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