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I just wrote like ummmmmm 1000 words and then it all got deleted and Im not going to rewrite it lol I have been trying to write actual blogs more but ehhhh everything I wrote is now gone damnitt!! So no rambling today besides the fact that I got rid of tons and tons of makeup I accumulated over the last few years most of it unopened and untouched I gave it away to a group of highschool kids that I know really really wanted it but cant afford it. Lots of unopened mac eye shadows toofaced cosmetic pallets and stuff. I love makeup ooooh so much but I really dont need all of that stuff I made smiles happen and I am happy with myself 🙂

Here are the new clips

and hahaha I rolled over this morning with the sun beaming through my window to find this hilarious "Addicts Plea"

"I am begging you to please stop making videos. You have become a burden I cannot escape with your insistent teasing. My relationship, social life and church duties are all beginning to suffer. All I am doing is working and rushing home to see if you have updated. When you do I spend, what should be quality time with my family, sitting at my computer, drooling all over myself. Tierra, will you please stop? I cannot hide much longer."

awwwwwww mission accomplished bois Heres my response in the sexiest cruelest way possible

and coming up later for you late night strokers…

Speaking of dirty panties lol everyone knows about how crazy my auctions on ebanned use to be…..$1,000 bikini $700 used vibrators after awhile nothing I sold went for under $200 most of it was with the high bidding and ebanned addiction of the ultimate ebanned slut steven back when he was fresh with the ebanned bidding haha I had some really good times on ebanned and met alot of really cool people/FREAKS hahaha freaks not a bad thing don’t worry everyone’s got their kinks lol but times change of course and I hate that site now for various reasons. Everyone’s asking about my next auctions but the truth is, there probably will never be another auction. I am tired of ebanned drama with non paying bidders and I hate opening up my account main page and seeing some of the most disgusting things ever. some people have no limits hahaha But I will be selling stuff directly I have an overflowing panty drawer which I need to make way for new things, tons of sissy gear, ummm very few shoes to sell hahaha and silly me for throwing out all of my used sex toys I forgot I could have made a fortune off those lol but I have lots of things I am really interested in getting rid of FAST I am running out of room and feel selling it all away to fans,losers, sissies and whoever has always been fun for me. I will be posting things I have for SELL in my blog sometime soon just a few items at a time. Those interested can then email me and place an order for my leftover trash hehehe. I have always done sales directly to people which is always profitable. Email me for direct sales so we can get this shit out the door mmmmkay!…..mikey,alberto, and james your packages were all mailed today

Now on to what I really want because thats all that really matters


Someone sent me a measly $20 today and honestly i felt quite insulted $20…$20?? 20 bucks doesnt make an impression pets dig DEEPER! I like the benj’s mmmmhmmmm As you can tell my wishlist is getting kinkier and kinkier I don’t know whats wrong with me my sex drive is raging like a motherfucker these days The older I get the kinkier I get ahahha you losers can only dream of the kinky things I do in bed and ummmm PAY FOR IT! My lovely sex toy collection has dwindled down to just Mr. Magic Hitatchi Im sure the ladies knwo what I am talking about. Ive trashed it all in exchange for some steamy BDSM fetish toys cause thats what Im more interested in I want this NOW make me happppppppy!!!!!!

and look I’ve made it easy for you to find… Im diggin the guy tied up girl doing reverse cowgirl hahaha oh yes it has torture devices and everything that come in this kinky little box I saw it in the sex shop last night for like $370 its on amazon for $170 (was $163 earlier)

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