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Today was quite an interesting day indeed I woke up this morning at 5:30am to already having $200 in sales on my main c4s store and about an hour and a half ago I screen capped this…

40 from $1000 in sales in the last 3 days…. yea my clips seem to be knocking your defenses down today hahaha 3 crawling little pets came around today tsk tsk they tried to hide but we all know how that goes mmmm I had a full meal today and raked in the $$$ on paypal and amazon fuck I love my spoiled life good job slave x, pocket puppet, mikey and fuck you richard! hahaha dumbo came crawling on all 4’s today cleared my wishlist and then bought the one thing that was listed at high priority my iMAC i wanted! Then I sit down a few minutes ago and poof its back on the unpurchased side. Not very many people cancel items they buy me most people know by now I dont play that shit and its least expected from this little fuck up. APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED FUCKING LOSER! You will not be getting any attention from me until you fix what good day of mine you just fucked up! I mean he did splurge alot today but I dont really fucking care the iMAC is an apology for being stupid and running off last month. I dont care if your broke and in debt anymore. Its meant to sting your wallet! anyways…he wrote a blog but who the fuck cares right? anyone want to read about what an idiot richard is …
I cant let this screw ups mistake distract me from congratulating everyone else for putting a smile on my face today GOOD JOB to everyone else!!!! alberto is working on my suer secret christmas gift which I am pretty excited about. The halloween "coffin" he sent me was pretty awesome filled with tons of goodies! I posted pics of it on my twitter when I got it yea images just arent showing up today on LJ so I cant post anything lame… the coffin was pretty creative lets see what he makes me this time 🙂

The new clips are destroying all of my lurkers who are finding it even harder to "lurk" and are now coming forward hahaha love it.

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