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My eye sight sucks on all levels today and I am really fed up with sitting at the computer. Yesterday by accident I made 5 clips… its the coffee LOL They are all uploading at different times and my eyes hurt too bad to check the times out ohhh well! Scoop them up! A few are already up.

I’ve been on ULTRA TEASE mode the last few weeks and since I have announced im selling panties again I have been having more and more fun These are SOLD and the panty perv got his own little clip to go along with it…lucky him right??
It will be up in the store Tuesday or sometime in the next 48 hours who knows lol

People keep emailing me about the yellow thong clip and Panties YES they are still for sale I guess people are thinking someone must have already got them but no They are still ready to go!! If you email me about them be prepared to buy! I started to throw them up on ebanned just for the hell of it but….I just cant even go there anymore hahaha such an annoying place these days. Hopefully my old buyers and fans find me here and realize I am still selling.

I fucking cant wait to get my iMac hahaha Im already looking for a desk for it. Im putting it in my living room because my office PC takes up too much room only enough room in there for 1 27 inch monitor ROFL ya im spoiled like that. Plus there is more light down there so I will be able to see better..So the iMAC will go there Im looking for a little glass desk.

My big bedroom windows have made it hard for me to stay warm the temperature in the room gets no higher than 66 degrees and that is fucking cold! I love my bedroom big bay windows with the nice water view but its too cold. mikey bought me black thermal curtains to put up cant wait for those to come in!

in 1 week I have almost 100 items coming in from my amazon wishlist mmmmmmmm Im really happy with it. I wanted to get to 2500 by xmas and currently I am 10 away from that little big goal who else is going to get me to that goal??? Show your devotion to your Goddess and $pend all your christmas cash right HERE! so much sexy lingerie coming there were only a few things I wanted for Christmas like last year but already I have got all I wanted and more so i guess there is no reason to demand certain things, just send me something special. Someone send me a new handbag yesss!! My next trip to the mailbox is December 16th so get your gifts in now bois!

hmmmm what else was I going to brag/post about hehehe I forget o well richard has been updating my ipod store again check it out

and heres another random xmas pick from 2years ago look at how my booty pokes out mmmmm LOL

I actually used this for my first naughty or nice xmas party I had about 2 years ago or was it 3 ? hmmmm i dunno anyways the party was a blast i gave away free tshirts and all kinds of crazy shit it got crazy!

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