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AHHHHH such a lovely time of the year. I know its hard to believe but I spent alot of money on shopping for other people yesterday instead of myself which is why I was not around. Its pretty much my first christmas in my OWN home and my very first tree. I bought a 7 1/2 foot fake tree I never like real trees when I was younger my grandma would always bring home trees that were tied up and when she untied them their were mice in them and I am absolutely terrified of little critters so a fake tree is just perfect for me. I will post a pic of my tree when I finish decorating it. I really do plan to stuff my tree with all of my gifts I am bringing home in a few days from all my boys well some of them because that iMAC im ripping open ASAP and maybe albertos christmas gift when it reaches me but I know thats probably going to be amazing and its one of the few surprise gifts I am getting so I dunnnno. Anyways I am definitely in the christmas spirit! I even had fun wrapping up all the panty perv and foot fetish bois panties and socks that have been purchased over the last few days every package is wrapped up like an xmas gift hehehe although every time I mail stuff I always wrap it in tissue paper and make it seem like a big deal because getting mail from me is a BIG deal!

MY WISHLIST IS FINALLY AT 2500 PURCHASED ITEMS!! YAY!! richard got me there this morning!

hmmmm not much has been going on lately besides me shopping my ass off spending all your money. I got rid of my fake nails yesterday and its weird. Im not used to it yet. My nails are still decently long an will probably grow fast I also got my pedi yesterday which is supposed to be footbitch dons job to take care but hes been awol lately probably not completely accepting the fact hes a FOOT FREAK! hahaha If you arent following me on twitter you miss out and you suck! Get with the times lol I uploaded a little foot teasers from the salon yesterday

Im always posting random pics and sometimes vids on twitter, I will start uploading more random vids I promise FOLLOW ME!

Now its time for the new and coming up clips

This one is up now! PLUS the panties in the clip are $$$FOR SALE LOSER$$$

The last few items I wore in my clips and sold have been sold so here we go bois. $75 contact me at like always first come first served!
I have been having fun with this! Instead of dealing with ebanned bullshit I would actually reccomend selling this way for people who hate ebanned, Just be prepared to be bombarded with emails haha all in all its good shit you set the price and stuff tends to go faster plus with direct sales you cant go wrong.

Now i am off to gather this months bills for the bill bitch hes taking care of Goddess’s bills so I dont have to ooooh so lovely more money for me yay!!! Then maybe I will finish my tree tonight I dunno

Go grab the clips addicts!

I will be on niteflirts tonight lucky lucky you I dunno about cam its not that bright in my bedroom we will see. Its been awhile since I have been on NF I heard of all the problems so lets see if I can get around them all Im eager to rape wallets and destroy egos tonight!


I lied I HATE niteflirts, how about…CAM will be live all day tomorrow by appointment duhh better email me now to schedule because I am sure it will get busy!

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