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I dont know how many of you remember my LA trip to shoot with national Magazine SHOW. I call it the blackgirls playboy except its not nude lol anyways I have been waiting waiting to get word on when the issue would drop and today I wake up and a few image sets as well as a few videos from the shoot are on the site and I am WEB GEM of the week YAY!! Im excited it looks like they are only releasing limited content for now since I will be in the January print issue I am so damn excited to finally know when its going to come out!!! The videos on the site are fucking incredible during the shoot the cam guy and I were talking about cams we use to shoot with. The photos and videos are exclusive to show mag so you will have to sign up to the site to be able to see yours truly! I promise you w ont be disappointed! While your there make sure to vote my gallerys with 5 stars

Like I mentioned before you can pick the mag up when it comes out in pretty much any bookstore and most grocery stores I’ve even seen them at 711. I dont know how sales are in the UK and other countries but I plan to pick up a few copies to mail out to my boys signed of course 🙂

I made a little clip on twitvid this morning when I woke up and saw all of this theres a little sneak at whats on the site
Check IT!

anyways I did 2 clips today its weird sales have been steady and nice but im slippping a few spot in the rankings on c4s FUCK THAT keep me up there boys!

Coming later!

alright I am off to go put my lights up outside!! I will be around tonight to play $$$$$GAMES$$$$$ I spent last night wrapping gifts and teasing foot freak don with my magic wands (feet) hehehe

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