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I’ve always been humble and for the most part I keep to myself but today Im going to address a little haterism and jealous bitches. I "hear" people are talking about how much a financial domme I am not being for producing so many clips on the daily and for the record gossiping to other slaves is quite pathetic….Im just doing what everyone else is doing and racking in cash but of course Im getting singled out because certain people just cant keep their eyes off me…I know the way I wrap the male mind into my little web- I am fascinating but fuck! Back when I was making a killing off ebanned I was singled out as "not being a domme" because i sell my worn clothing BUT NOW EVERYBODY IS DOING IT! I swear if more of you girls paid more attention to your own damn business you would probably make a killing off losers! I am not in competition with anyone and I pretty much get along with everyone so when I hear people running their mouths its disturbing especially people who smile in my face and pretend to be nice to me – I dont need you to pretend to be nice to me…. I actually ENJOY making clips everyday and fucking losers up making them spend their entire paychecks in my store if thats not part of financial domination for everyone then I dont know what the fuck is. I make a fucking killing at clips are you jealous that its that easy for me? Are you jealous that I dont have to chase around cheap fuckers and liars? Are you upset because I am so comfortable in front of the cam I naturally am good at this? Are you jealous that I dont have to blackmail people to get what I want? Are you mad because I turn boys from all over the world into zombies, my clips make them weak then they WILLINGLY send me anything and everything? hahaha I know my craft is perfected oh so well that its like magic I literally snap a finger and what I want I get! fuck calm down with the hating its annoying and makes you look insecure! I know a few but not all girls with stores will admit this but running all this shit online IS a business like it or not. Im not ashamed to say my living expenses and home cost me nearly 7k a month and please believe all of that is paid for thanks to my video sales whatever is left over I get to save because my boys pay for everything else! Since October I have had alot of free time since my man is gone which means I am able to produce as many clips as I want everyday but please be sure I will give you haters a break when he returns on christmas then you can get your panties out of your ass and mind your own business. I love my real girls fuck the rest of you hahahahaha later bitches!

*if you feel I am talking to you well…maybe I am

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