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I just now finally got all my gifts unwrapped hahaha took me all day I had to take little breaks in between. Since I moved closer to family the last few times I had big hauls my 7yr old brother would usually help me open up stuff but he has school today and there was a lot of sex related items in this haul sooooo that wouldnt have been a good idea lol so I opened them all up on my own and even made a new "wishlist Chronicles" clip to go along with it. My house is a disaster right now my puppies would take all the paper and anything their 2lb bodies could carry and rip it to shreds lol I cant even get mad at them. Its funny you would think all the money I have spent on toys they would actually play with their toys but instead they play with cardboard boxes, paper, my socks, the recyclables – pretty much anything thats not a dog toy haha I have my hands full with these 2. They have pictures with Santa on Sunday at the pet store Im way to excited to see how they turn out ahaha. I purposely made it so people couldnt comment on my last entry with those 2 insanely hot images in them so instead my emails were full of comments I get it, you THINK IM HOT 🙂 They are pretty good pics but just wait till the magazine hits stores hahahaha I cant wait to personally sign a bunch of copies, OVERCHARGE for them and then ship them out to everyone…yup I can do that cause I am ME! Gosh I have so much to do before Christmas. I am having people over for dinner which I am cooking by the way since I am an excellent cook 🙂 I am really thinking of hiring a molly maid service to come out and clean because I really dont have time for all of this. As you can tell videos are coming slower than usual because I am busy busy but sales hehehe are still amazing! Check out the new clips!
Its and awesome clip but I am most happy with the lighting lol I am such a perfectionist and I got it just right in this one Look at me I am literally sitting in the middle of a shit load of prezzies hahaha! and coming later….theres always a later duhhh…

I finally put my bed together ummm took me about what 4months hahaha my leather headboard was all dusty sitting in the garage how terrible. I really want new dressers and stuff I still have my brown ones from my wishlist they are like 1 1/2 yrs old not very old but they DO NOT match and of course I am not paying for new ones hehehehe anyways time to find something for dinner I had pizza for lunch I am finally taking advantage of living in the heart of downtown and found an amazing pizza place like a block away from my house AND I found a spa around the corner and they accept Spa finder giftcards which are on my wishlist I want one!!!!!!! hmmm I might have pizza again I am PMSing and when its that time of the month I LOVE me some pizza!

**Apparently richards therapist couldnt keep him away for too long damn loser you lasted just a few days now you are buying my clips make up your fucking mind! All that bullshit you spewed about looking for someone to love you hahahahahah ROFL i literally almost pissed my pants from laughter IM YOUR FUCKING THERAPIST!

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