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I found this really interesting….

richard contacted me last night "saying" he was buying the imac last night then he would "go away" forever of course I knew something was up and of course the imac never was purchased why the fuck did he even bother to message me. he turned out to be a lying motherfucker like everyone else…sad…Its truly a shame that someone that was "one of my own" can be so stupid. I cant believe how many times richard has lied to me now. Its disappointing…I told him to go play in traffic….I meant it from the bottom of my heart. Now hes butt hurt because I told him how I truly felt about him I literally dont care what happens to you…Did you think i really cared after what you just did to me in the last 2 weeks? hahaha How dare you play games with me and think I would be "nice" to you I guess I hit pretty close to home with the traffic comment I MEANT IT and I DO NOT take it back I guess that really is "what i am like" in your words I hope your therapist can help you cause you turned out to be one fucked up lying loser!

and now you all see why I have no desire to sit on yahoo and chit chat what is the point?

Nap time!

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