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Oh how the hating continues ya know some people just dont get it hahahahah My Preview clip was uploaded to a very "sketchy" "femdomme" site earlier today and 10 minutes later it was deleted and I was completely BLOCKED and banned from the entire server WOW people are so childish. I bet the person running the site is hoping for a little plug from my blog but fuck that LOL no free advertisement here. I bet you just keep hitting refresh waiting for me to say a name hahaha nooooope All Im saying is, the site was almost not as crappy and cluttered as all the other sites so I had no clue it was yours  – If I would have known it was owned by a drama queen I would have never even signed up there. My apologies for uploading my hot ass preview video to your site. I truly wonder if these "women" realize how silly they look tsk tsk moving right along…… HERE IT IS AGAIN! I dont know much about this site so watch it before its pulled yet again! You guys know how I roll my videos dont last very long before they get deleted haha

I have 2 new clips ready one is up already and Im sure its going to be a hitter!!

Ya know sometimes I really wonder about this little community I dont even like being in the same category as some of these people ick Im myself a spoiled Ebony Goddess!

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