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People always ask me where I get my ideas for all of these damn videos that suck your last few dollars up hahaha from you all of course sillies! Im always paying very good attention during conversations and emails. You will never know it because you are stuck on sub mode when speaking to me mmmmm my responses even the smallest little message or email from me just makes things worse for you. Everything you say WILL be used against you, thats just the way I work. I take your little weaknesses and throw them right back in your face 10x’s harder than before by popping out a pretty much custom clip that you cant help but buy because its directed right at you then the others who feel the same way buy it up like the addicts you all are and look at me I have fucked you over again and pulled you deeper into my little trap its a win win for us all isnt it? Thanks for being my inspiration boys now heres some more fuck you up material coming tonight and early tomorrow!

Im really happy my video posted yesterday hasnt been pulled and I dont think it will because this site has an "adult filter" which is awesome! Now that I have found a legit site to post vids too I might start doing previews again I really enjoyed making them it was always something I did for fun but I dunno these days im popping out so many clips it would be hard to keep up maybe I will do like 1 a week or something with all the clips from the week..we will see.

I have some really fun exciting shit coming up on c4s a brand new store with brand new content. I havegot so many messages asking when my man and I are going to do more Beast & His Beauty clips which we tried to mainly keep candid because it was fun we did a bunch of cuckold stuff but most of the clips were candid clips of us just doing what we do having fun and THEY STILL SALE like crazy! It was just a fun little adventure in our relationship.Something else for us to enjoy doing together. We are going to be doing a photo shoot together once hes home because hes fucking HOT and I regret us not taking pics before I have always wanted to shoot with a hot model thankfully I have been blessed with a studly tattooed sexpot for a man hahaha o yea he treats me good too LOL anyways we have our own little store in the works and plan to work on it the week after hes back hahah told you guys I wont be taking too much of a break from clips just long enough to get some really good uninterrupted sex in yeaaaaaaa cant wait LOL I am sure this store is going to be awesome. I am sure its going to cause a stir in this little LJ community but honestly I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to not be in these little category things. I am myself I dont fit in a box…obviously and wish not to be compared to others…Im enjoying myself and thats what really matters HOLLLER hahaha just kidding I never fucking say that word LOL

in other news pocket puppet has no idea yet….HE DOES NOW I used his cash to pay for my pole extension and vaulted ceiling adapter which means my pole will be up soon cant wait!!!!!

Thanks to Lyne’s recent tweets Im going to Wendy’s tonight for dinner I dont know why when I just spent $400 at the grocery store you would think I would make something to eat from the fridge huh? LOL

Just for fun I have uploaded one of my OLD ass preview vids lol I am looking back at all the little editing stuff I used to do cause I forgot how to do it all


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