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 I have a bunch of errands to run but I wanted to make this post before I take off! I spent until 1am doing a little pre cooking and mopping all the floors in my house and at like midnight when everything was done drying i dropped a brand new bottle of purple nail polish on my tile ughhhh how irritating i got the majority of it up but I need to pick up paint thinner and go over it one more time. I was so annoyed!! I made my pies last night blackberry & raspberry, & pumpkin and I started making my greens my grandma told me to do what she calls "poor boiling" and start them then freeze them…I guess hahahaha my house smells excellent already. My xmas dinner menu is:
Ham  chicken stuffed with asparagus and parmesan cheese greens  cornbread sausage stuffing tomato stuffed with shrimp and crab yams baked macaroni hmmm I know I am forgetting something…..
So I am pretty busy this week preparing for all of this. an hour ago the UPS lady came and dropped off a 26lb box from alberto I was anxious sooooo anxious to open it. After he made that awesome coffin for halloween we agreed he would make me something cool for every holiday… I posted a bunch of stuff on twitter but LJ is being retarded as usual and not letting me upload my images I took so check out my twitter for the pics I absolutely LOVE my xmas gift from alberto. I get excited everytime I get a gift but this wow it took some serious time. alberto must have got A’s in art class hahah  
The majority of the stuff under my tree is for other people during xmas dinner but now most of it is alllllll mine *evil grin* not to mention I now have 2 fully stuffed stockings not including the one my parents give me every year and my gmas famous xmas stocking hahah that means a total of 4 for me!!!…yup im spoiled My tree looks amazing now. I decided not to open anything else up until xmas because he spent so much time on this I just feel I suppose I can wait haha

I already opened the 100+ boxes from last week I suppose I can wait a few days to open these 🙂  I didnt make any new clips today and I am not sure about tomorrow either but I did make a few over the weekend

and yes I did cut my hair ughhhh long story 😦 but it will grow back eventually I kinda like it anyways I slept all weekend and fucked with pocket puppets wallet whenever I rolled over he was easily waiting for me to drain him hahaha and WOW judging by this weekend sales

(screen capped at like 6pm saturday)
and my current ranking at #11 I believe that clip buying is a REAL addiction and it just gets tougher and tougher to stay away from my store hahahaha Now I am off to mail off the red bikini I wore in my boob birthday clip $150 bucks for a bikini i paid zero dollars for…not bad I say….not bad… LJ keeps fucking up my format damn they suck!

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